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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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The Waffle Reform

After todays meeting we talked about a lot of things but the main thing was WW’s re-formation. Note: Any edits by other people on this post are to be made at the bottom.

Before I start this post, everything here on this post was agreed on at the leaders meeting so credit for everything in this post goes to every owner rank.

First of all this goes to no one in specific I don’t want to mention names(that means you bri). Look I know your just trying to help us out but you have to understand that your retired. All this time you’ve been complaining on how you can’t have your old life back and now that your retired your MORE active than when you were leader. As for the graphics, fine I won’t complain leave them the way they are, graphics don’t really make an army.

Now on your last post you said “WW heads need to learn organization skills, because from what i’ve been seeing there is no organization what so ever.” The point of the meeting we had today was to get organized, we now have posting jobs, events, and ideas to get chat active. Next bri said “Actually have well planned out and organized battles, and events.” I’m guessing this is about the NMA battle, again the only purpose of the battle was to see who would go and how WW was doing. Bri also said “Have actual productive meetings that get things done.” Just because you weren’t there doesn’t mean it wasn’t productive”. And finally, oh I love this one “Don’t be aholes.” Are you really telling us not to be aholes? Your kinda the one who’s trying to control what we do even though YOU ARE RETIRED. So stop trying to control us we know what were doing. Do you want an example? Here it is from YOUR post.

“Also, the Government.



Um since when does someone who’s retired control WW’s government? Bri all I’m saying is we appreciate you trying to help but we have it under control. Let us rise or fall on our own. You are retired you finally have your life back so enjoy it.

Now aside from that the real post can start.

Table of Contents

1. WW Site

2. Chat

3. Posting

4. Medals/Ribbons

5. New Government


1. WW Site

No this isn’t about the graphics this is about the actual site. At the leaders meeting everyone agreed that there is to be no more flame on the site. Flame includes arguing and in comments with someone else within WW. If you have something to discuss then go on chat. Honestly this is what’s tearing us apart right now. So it needs to stop now. From this point forward any flame on the site will be deleted.

Another thing, as of now no more cursing on the site. You have to remember to keep it PG because we have 8 year olds in the army. So any comment or post with cursing will be removed or censored.


2. Chat

About the chat activeness, don’t worry we already have a plan for getting chat active but that will be posted on Wednesday or Thursday.

The rules will be enforced now, I have been noticing that over the first week I’ve been here no one follows or enforces the rules. So yes they will be enforced and you will be banned for breaking the rules. Also we have too many mods and owners. So chat will be re-set and only mods and owners on the ranks will be mods and owners on chat, also only the only main owners on chat will be current leaders in order to prevent fights and arguments.

This one is something that I added so if you guys don’t agree on it tell me and i’ll remove it –

During a battle no one from the opposing army will be allowed on WW chat to prevent spying the only exception would be if that person is a judge.


3. Posting

We were going to have a posting schedule but green had a good point, they fail. So instead we now have topics and we will try to have one post per day or every other day.

The Posting Jobs are,

Green – Random Army Crap

Luc – Major Wars/Army News

Disco – Random Stories

57to – WW News

Wex -(fill in)

Anti -(Funnies)

Cewan – (fill in)

Things that are still left, CP News, Small events like recruiting sessions ect, and Parties. If you have something else you want to post about then that’s great just add it next to your name.


4. Medals/Ribbons

Yes medals and ribbons will be coming back! I know the medals system was kinda confusing and hard work back then but the new medals system will be easier, as for the ribbons I don’t know what green wants to do with that but there’s going to be a post about only medals and ribbons later on.


and finally…. a new….

5. New Government

Yes we are changing governments because the government we have right now looks like we are ignoring WW’s opinion and we aren’t giving the soldiers a say in what happens in this army so from now on WW will be a Democratic Republic. D.R.W.W. Of course we are not an absolute democracy because it’s almost impossible for that to exist in armies.

The way it will work is the Head Bureaucracy will not have absolute power now. It will be broken up into 3 Branches. The Executive branch, Judicial, and Legislative. The Executive branch will consist of leaders, the Judicial branch will have the governors, and the legislative branch will have an elected senate.

Im not going to get to deep into it because I will bore you to death and that’s what the WW Nation page is for. But this new government will be more efficient and it will get WW more active! The job of the executive branch is to determine who to go to war with ect. The job of the judicial branch is to check we will not be invaded and to check on our servers and other things. WW will be the first army to perfect the governor of a server position.  And the legislative branch will make laws, rules, and suggestion which of course will have to be approved by the other branches.

Don’t worry I’ll edit the page with all the new government info but for now we will start electing our governors and green will make a post on that soon. That way everyone in WW has a say in the government!


With all this being said, today will be known as the new start for WW. When were in the top 10 again we will look back at this post say… wow WW was really down but we remembered that this is our army and this is our war!

-Lucario564, Greenday9991, Wexfief, Cewan, Antimatter2, 57to, Disco70s WW Owners

Bri’s Edit: Luc I love how you act like you know everything, I am not even near as active now as I was when I was leader. I hardly come on chat, in less i’m bored and nothing else to do. I’M SO SORRY IF ALL I AM TRYING TO DO IS HELP. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT WAS A CRIME.

Have fun with your new Dictator WW.

Disco- No need to offend, but the government idea isn’t helping others to be more active. I agree with almost everything here (well, some of it) except the government. It isn’t letting the soldiers be more expressive and volunteer more. The only way to make it more interactive is by making it a Democratic Oligarchy. I remembered WW having it a while ago and it worked. Perfecto. Also, get more fun stuff. One event per week? What’s up with you WW? Get more games that train the soldiers instead of making it more like work. Get inside a soldier’s head: THIS is why we are lacking. No  interaction, no army.

57to- In my personal opinion I believe a extremely active government could hurt us in the future we should be more focused on events.

Antimatter2- I agree with disco on the government issue, but would like to add that decisions should be polled to the troops to see what they say.

Vicxyz: Unless Governors actually do something, there is no point in having them. Personally, I find no point in governments.

25 Responses

  1. Are you kidding me? I am not nearly as active now then I was when I was leader.


  2. I just quickly scrolled through it.

    You should make me leader. (wary)

  3. We are screwed.

  4. Bad idea. Nuff said. A legend should be made leader *cough* me *cough*

  5. Luc you have no knowledge in politics at all. you’re running this army to the ground.

  6. I’ll stop cursing on chat 😦

  7. “Ok, so to make our government more efficient we will emplace a massive, buerocratic system to govern everyone. However, because this would make everything as unefficient as possible we will just have Luc be the one making all the decisions behind the scenes.”

  8. You guys covered alot at the meeting 🙂

  9. Well, I made it to the NMA battle.

  10. Bri, you were a great leader and all, but retiring and then, literally just a few days later, telling us what we can and can’t do with the army isn’t great on the (proverbial) image.

    As for those saying that Luc’s a dictator.. maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not. The fact of the matter is, and this has been the case every other time, Luc’s come back at a time where we need a person, or persons, to be decisive. Decisions need to be made, and I’d rather one person make the right ones then four or five make the wrong ones. Just saying.

    • I am not controlling anything, because everything I suggest is rejected. I’m just making suggestions to help but i’m rejected. And a few days later? It has been over a month since I retired Lje…

  11. I don’t understand this at all. Last time I checked Wex was running this place. Suddenly Luc comes along and everything goes to sh*t. I’m not saying he’s a bad leader, but why not give someone epic like Lje another chance. You’ve had like what? 3… 4?

  12. I’m *kinda* akay with different leaders that, Thank Gawd, aren’t noobish. But, atleast make font’s bigger. o.e

  13. Lez dominate. 😀

  14. Ya, like no offense but Democratic Republican my ass. It’s not possible for that when Luc is leader.

  15. For a second I thought this post should have been retitled “All the Reasons I Hate Bri”.

    I’m not so sure attacking your former (and still liked) leaders in a post about reforming the army is a good idea. What would be a good idea is taking into account the opinions of your soldiers, and other people with valuable advice to provide (like Bri).

    Without the soldiers behind you, you’re just a one-man army.

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