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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Promo Day!!!

Disco-Liar, comments are off…again. Just kidding


Bri’s edit: Recently being on chat some to a lot of troops aren’t happy with these…

Green Edit: Okay I will be adding more promos because people are being babies and can’t handle not being promoted.

❗ Elections Polls are underneath ❗

Yes it is that time again! Sorry it is late! We did not have a promotion day for February because of the fact that we weren’t doing well and not many of you were active. So here it is!

Green: Promoted

Blue: Danger of Demotion

Red: Demoted

Leader: Wexfief, Cewan, Lucario564, Greenday9991

Co-Leader: Antimatter2,  Disco70s

Ambassador: 57to, Goldshadow7

——————Owner Line—————— 

Head Warlord: Uga77, Fivestartaco, Fluffyboy3, Khimo, Elimz

Warlord: NickoCP, Lje98, Fireballds, MestirSeñorz, Master Rebel

Major General: Mattybon, Darkrider90, Cookie Cat, Steelman19

General: Goliath619, Popcorn31336Etac14, Buritodaily, Bottlefanta, Bleu Missy, Pwener1,  Chrisfarley2 ,Master Kyl, Tone739


——————Moderator Line——————- 

Field Marshal: Radwan006, Dippspips, Canada83, The Beaver2, Harry Has, Hamie111, Mrchatterbox, Jackjack2006, RJm Rox, Hpea, King Kinz10, Wonga34, Zach610, Pringleprint, Northwezzy, Dozy12,  Ajman9011, Sneezy35, Teadan

Brigadier: Wyoskyguy, 123John3, Qtgurl6, Mcfred1, Alyassa1, Greenblah904, Grillchz200, Keith09, BioncleX,

Commander: Josh1093, Hordash11, Buckleybeans, Change, Minhazul8, Superboy137, Omiman1, Joezapy, Lord Anth, Joezapy,Thano9, 1a3t, Megris

——————I didn’t feel like doing demotions/in-danger of after this point.————–

Colonel: Konzu, 1a3t, Radar77, Penor343, Jim430, Welly290, Yoshi12137, Emaccoux, Thermo199, Tilgen, Firemanhg, Plutarch, Danthemanr1, Andre9765, Josephp3, 24keyser, Asdfghjkl888, Jooeric, Dcpt1, Superpaco24, Mix 1011, Mcfred1, Fire36789, Superpegu10, Nathancool1, Smartuin, Cool Dude429, Fenix01234, Candy13555, Coolster114, Cherrybrite, Spo99, King O Dark, Schnaster8, Higoby, Mumble13322, KotSad111

Major: Jed Pen, Super Bo Bo4, Greenoiscool, Rocky25721, Jasonx1998, Splinterman3, Nicjackson, Kooldude 247, Big Guy28, Mumble85151, Ronaldy3, Darkslash, Limadude, Kimoochin, Firegem18, Datruth, J Kid2, Ninja40901, Aaddog, Pottypop, Fever Army,  Gjmik, 11jb22 Cp, Moses106, Firegem18, Cody9990, Charan27

Captain: Limadude, Calvinator2, Cavinator2, Bengey, Josh34676, Drake1313, Exoman, Penny550, Khrome, Evan65702, Pickle Pie34, Ktonboy98, Lucario9046, Trumpyjosh, Croc122, Jhoony102, Morgana2, Aedan09, Aznkid124

Lieutenant: Ddoragabi, Cutie70048, Yxqgstdsgfrd, Roger628, Pingubird, Qwaszx51717, Ini 2007, Fluffy11919, Olympiaflash, Aman, Buble 007, Saka98, Pengton19, Drake155, Ricomambo1, Kcaj6, Sapphire2010, Dr. 5hadow, El Rey, Rain Bow 777, 1richgirl042, llyodbanks56, Fluffyboy3dj, Fluffyboy208, Bulldogs5005, Bakugan138, Tommypp, Erdl1, Zipyman, Duyvju, Koby2013, James30072, Bearsandcubs, Lukecharles1, Maxbrett1234, Saberwolf123, Bossboy1, Hayden70389

Congrats to all who have been promoted! Also, to all of you who have your names in red or blue GET ACTIVE!!!! ATTEND EVENTS!  COMMENT ON POSTS! JUST DO SOMETHING!!!!! So get active and you can recieve a promo next promo day! Also, governor elections will be posted around 4-5pm Est tomorrow!

~Greenday9991 WW Leader~

Here are the governor polls!!! Vote for who you would like to run each server!

Mukluk: Goldshadow7 (Kun) [Unopposed]

Toboggan: Khimo [Unopposed]

Ice Shelf: Disco70s [Unopposed]

Ice Cold: Elimz [Unopposed]

Shiver: Keith09 [Unopposed]

Powder Ball: NO ONE SIGNED UP!

If you want to run for one of these servers, TELL GREEN ASAP! SO HE CAN ADD YOU BEFORE THE ELECTIONS ARE OVER. Oh and the elections will end on Sunday Night at midnight EST!!!! The winners will be posted on Monday around 3-5pm est.


Once again,

~Greenday9991 WW Leader~


23 Responses

  1. First comment?

  2. LOL. Fluffy got so freaking cocky. he stayed the same rank and i got higher. xDDDDDDDDD

  3. nomnomnom

  4. Moo

  5. wtf? I was way more active than all the other people who got promos

  6. This is all wrong
    Fluffy and Dragon are much more active than Skill
    Teadan is never on chat, neither is Elimz
    and khimo rejoined WW just a few days ago

  7. Why wasn’t Master Rebel promoted but Skilled was? Errors… But then again what I say doesn’t matter because i’m just stupid and don’t know anything. 🙄

    • I heard that green told skill that if he comments on the election post skill would get promoed and i was like “wtf why didint i get a promo i am way more active then skill”.

  8. Finally, i’m a captain!! so happy

  9. I signed up to be a govenor of Tundra but Master Rebel got it..?

  10. My rank is warlord and always has. I havent been demoted. please fix this

  11. Omg, thx guys! Somehow, I got too much stuff to do but got promoted 🙄 Anyway, thx…

  12. Thanks for the Promotion!

  13. Thanks,bro~. Yay. Governor.

  14. i would like to b on the govener poll. i promise i’ll b more active once i get off my grounding at my moms.

  15. okay so i made mistakes BIG DEAL. SUCK IT UP AND LET ME FIX THE PROBLEMS. DON’T BE HATIN’ . the lower ranks that got promoted was because they signed up for gov elections and commented on the active post. and bri, i dont care.

  16. I will leave half pipe and do powder ball

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