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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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My story

Ok. Here’s my story.

I was walking on the sidewalk one day and saw a……..rabbit. I gave it a carrot, but he just pee’d on me and threw the carrot at my face. I got mad at the rabbit. So i grabbed the rabbit and threw the rabbit against the wall really hard. Then all of a sudden….the bunny turned into a giant cow! >:O I ran and screamed my butt off to my house. But the rabbit. Oh sorry, i mean the giant cow the rabbit turned into…..Anyways, i was saying. The giant cow ripped my house open and grabbed me and ate me. So i was in his stomach. Looking everywhere for something sharp to poke my way out of his stomach. While i was looking around, i found many huge pieces of wood….. I took the wood and looked for something to use to sharpen the wood. While  i was looking for something to find to sharpen it, i found many people. One of those people were…..JUSTIN BIEBER. I literally started making fun of him. xD There were other kids making fun of Justin Bieber. xD Even adults were there. Justin Bieber had shaving cream and a razor. Everyone got an idea in their head……The idea was to steal it from his pocket and use it against his hair……Everyone except Justin crowded around me and said for me to do it. But i didnt want to do it because i needed him to be distracted. So they did it and distracted him. He had a pants laying on the floor. It was the one he was wearing earlier. I took the shaving cream and razor. I ran behind them and told them i had it. So i waited til night for him to fall asleep. So he fell asleep and he wass laying against a wall in the giant cow’s stomach. I put the shaving cream all over his hair. I start shaving all of his hair off. I got every piece of hair. Even all the little ones. Then after i was done, i put the shaving cream and razor back in his pocket. So moving on looking for something sharp….. Finally, i found sand paper that wasn’t used! >:D So i used the sand paper to sharpen the wood. I made the wood into swords that were sharp and knifes that were sharp. I had to use all the sand paper. All of a sudden, Justin Bieber comes running towards me with a hat on. The hat fell off while he was running towards me. I was laughing like there was no tomorrow… Then i realized he had a had full of shaving cream and a razor…… I saw he was gonna try to cut my hair off. I threw a 2 knifes at his head. I’m just like ……O_O WTF……. He didn’t die…..i had 18 more knifes left…. I threw 10 more at his face….WTH HE DOESN’T DIE…..I throw 1 knife at his ballz……It just literally cuts right through his legs…..Oh oops. I mean her legs…..Then i grab a sword and just throws right through her chest. I look my other way. HERE COMES DEAD OH MICHAEL JACKSON GRABBING HIS BALLZ….. >.< He just keeps dodging my knifes and swords…. I realize, everytime i throw something at him, he grabs his ballz… I finally threw my remaining knifes at his ballz in different directions…. He dies again…. I had only 2 swords left….. I cut my way right through the giant cow’s stomach. I finally get out. I fall down on the street. I’m covered in soo much cow guts….. The cow turned back into a rabbit and i called the rabbit with my swords.

     THE END

9 Responses

  1. That was interesting.

  2. wow

  3. You’re Welcome forr deh inspiration. O, sorry I’ve been MIA for awhile. But I swear I’ll be back on. :]

  4. it was only for not getting fired. >.>

  5. If only it was in color, everyone would be interested to read it -_-. Also, didn’t we talk about the noobs-running-away-cause-of-inappropriate-stuff thingy? Still a fail and needs stricter rules

  6. Hee hee hee! By the way, if you aren’t dumb, you don’t throw swords. FYI.

  7. ……… No comment ………

  8. ……

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