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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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The Dawn of a New Age Starts Today

Luc’s message to Bri – You crossed the line and that’s enough. Deleting all my posts? Really..

Fellow WW, over the past month we’ve been in a depression and not one of the worst, believe me it isn’t the worst. You may ask why though. Some could blame me, others blame Bri and other blame our leaders activeness. I’m here to tell you today that none of those are true. The reason we dying is because we are having a change and moving onto a new era.

This happens every time we go into a new phase in WW history, an important leader retires, WW falls for a month and then becomes more powerful than ever. And this time I know we will be more powerful than ever!

With that said, many of you have been wondering what my plan is to bring back WW? Of course I can’t tell you the whole plan right now or it’s not going to work but what I will do is start the plan today. So what is part ONE of this plan? Here it is…


That’s right a recruitment contest. But this contest is like no other in WW history, there will be fabulous prizes here! So here are the rules –

  1. In order to win you must have recruited the most ACTIVE soldiers.
  2. People who join must mention your name in their comment
  3. You must be in WW to participate
  4. The person you recruited must come at least to one event.

You may be wondering what the prizes are… well here they are

First place gets 1k xats and 10 days and will also be under training to be a future WW leader!

Second place gets to be author on the WW site

Third place gets to be owner on WW chat for 3 days.

In order to win first place you must have at least recruited 15 people to WW. You may recruit anywhere from army chats to cp cheats chats, sites, or somewhere that is cp related. This recruitment contest will last exactly 2 weeks and 3 days starting today, The winners will be announced on chat Friday March 25th.

Good luck and lets make WW bigger than ever before!


A message to all WW owner ranks, even though it isn’t our inactiveness that’s really killing us, it’s still a huge problem. There has been a lot of inactiveness so it’s for a change. The following people must make a post at least 300 words long within the next 2 weeks or they will be fired/demoted.








If you don’t know what to post about, make up a story, there’s cp news, or make a practice event.


Also there will be a Party on chat where I will announce my newest idea, which you will all love, I will also announce the winners of the governor elections and what the governors jobs will be. And to critics, you know who I’m talking about, my response is one leader can’t do it all there are 7 other people who should be equally sharing this responsibility but clearly that’s not the case, only 2 leaders are.

WW Partyyy

When – This Friday, March 11th

Where – WW chat http://xat.com/wwofcp

Who – All WW soldiers

Time – 6:00pm pst/9:00pm est… no it’s not late it’s a friday

Why – To have a good time and discuss a few things.

Comment if you can or can’t make it!

-This is the start of a new beginning

-Luc WW Leader

19 Responses

  1. First, I can go

  2. I can probably go.

  3. I can go.

  4. I can’t go.

  5. maybe

  6. I can come

  7. if im not busy, i can go.

  8. Almost every “new age” has been forged upon us by luc -_-

  9. Isn’t Luc taking too much power?

  10. It’s not that I have too much power it’s that you don’t do s***

  11. Cant go. I have a life. Stuff scheduled. Ima go get some needed PBs scheduled and recruiting/training sessions.

  12. Probably can’t, wish I could. Parents want me sleepin’ by 9 D:<

  13. Can’t – too early in the morning for me.

  14. i like to go to partyyys theyyy
    yea so ill be going

  15. probably cant come

  16. i recruitied aznkid124.

  17. i recuited my brother a long time ago his cp name is canada83 he went to 2 events in ocotber

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