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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Glorious Victory

Congrats WW! You won the tourney against DW! Moving onto face Nachos next round, prepare your selves!

Words From Green: Good Job Guys! I’m very proud of you! Now get ready for the Nachos! I know you guys can do well in our next battle! I believe in you ❤

 Wex on Mobile: Congrats WW! No one can underestimate the power of the waffles!

Also, UMA has a post with a picture showing that DW raided the UMA vs. IV tournament battle. Due to this, DW has flamed both UMA AND WW in a post that you can see on the DW site.

WW soldiers, ignore DW. No matter what they say, just ignore them. DO NOT RETALIATE BY POSTING A FLAME COMMENT IN RETURN. I know you want to unleash your angry beast, but just save it. Be chill and stay with your cool. 😉

Well today was one of the best day’s in all Waflle history we are BACK from the dead, we have risen from the ashes with more power than ever Hopefully CPAC will take note of our epicness and rank us in the Top 5 Next Top 10. I can’t tell you how much I’m proud of you and how proud I am to be a waffle. Leaders can edit in stuff if they want.

(we did this after DW did a Cake bomb…YUM :D)

Master of the Waffles


-Anti Edit: Hell Yeah.

~Green Edit: I would like to thank all of you that came to this battle! We had an amazing turn out! I am so proud of you WW! We have returned!

~Starrk Edit:  Good Job troopers!  Let’s continue this roll into the next battle.  Promo’s will happen if we give this performance again!

Disco-More pics by meh 😀 Awesome work WW! *y*


50 Responses

  1. 1rst

  2. I came late.

  3. 2nd also we made a huge upset well not really but still.

  4. Hell Yeah. You Jelly DW?

  5. 2nd

  6. Hmmm…. I thought we were weak and there was no question DW would win.? HAHA CPAC!!

  7. gj WW

  8. Godplaya was wrong. WE PWNED THEM.

    • You didn’t pone DW because they really beat you. But UMA started saying stuff to get DW disqualified and DW was dq’d. DW had a larger size and was more organized. You guys did good but didn’t pone DW

  9. I feel like sheet. I had an orthodonist appoitment 10 minutes before the battle started, sorry :c

  10. Oh noez I was late!!!! (RAAAGGGGEEE).

  11. I came, of course 😛

  12. In most of your pictures, it shows DW with bigger size. It’s funny how you claim to win, when clearly DW dominated you throughout the battle.

  13. Nice job WW I counted 24 troops we are top 10 material mabey even top 5 material and i got some pics too

    I tottaly thought DW would pwn us but we pwned them

  14. If you could count, there’s about 17 DW and 22 WW. Dw just looks big because of their clothing.

  15. Haha, too bad almost all of these pictures are in DW’s favor. Whoever took pictures for you really sucks. DW has won this battle, don’t be sore losers.

  16. Oh great now DW thinks they win D:<

  17. Lol @ first picture. You were managed to take a picture, when DW were entering the room 🙄 .

  18. I am so sorry! I was running away from my dad. He is scary. Also I will be here for the next battle


  19. WW, ignore DW. Both armies claim to have the win. I believe WW did tremendous today, but we won’t know the true victor until the results come out on CPAC.

  20. Trololololololololol

  21. No one expected us to win. Congrats WW. 😀

  22. I couldnt come, i will be thier at the next battle

  23. In pic 5 there’s a peng couple see you soon 😆

  24. Epicness in every corner. Congrats WW :mrgreen:

  25. you do know the results aren’t even in……… besides it looks like a tie.

  26. DW interfeared with the UMA vs IV battle so they should be disquallified and we should advance. here’s proof

  27. X marks the Spot!

  28. Im back from a camp… the good thing is my spring break starts today

  29. WW has been confirmed to have won 🙂

  30. I didn’t go 😦
    but great battle 🙂

  31. You guys did amazing. DW will totally loose the war they are in. I am very sorry I couldn’t come. I will try to make up for it.


  32. Nice one guys! Sorry I couldn’t come. I didn’t get a chance to grab my laptop and sneak into the toilet and lock myself in as I was having tea. xD

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