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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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New WW Series: A Plate With Colorful Waffles

Hola, bonjour and hiyas from your Co-Leader!

WW has some cherished series such as Lje’s or Luc’s (forgot who wrote it) series about the Nachos attacking WW. I would like to continue the fan favorites of a new WW series: A Plate With Colorful Waffles (I was about to name it, A Pond with Colorful Fish, but you guys wouldn’t understand).

A Plate With Colorful Waffles is a young story of your everyday WW troops, but a dramatic war is caused due to the fact of the trash-talk all of the armies. This war changes some of the attitudes of the WW troops causing some strange actions to occur (murder, dating, etc.). Additionally, a semi-problem occurs too: salmonella. Let me define it for you:

Salmonella (sal-muh-nel-la) (noun)- A disease that is caused by contamination inside food caused by cross-contamination (the act of spreading germs to food). It can be caused in the soil of a plant or by a person itself. It can cause serious damage to the immune systems. Possible chance that this disease WILL be fatal!

I am trying to include everyone I possibly know inside the story. The reason why I call the series, A Plate With Colorful Waffles is that everyone is different in a special way. Some are quirky, some are weird, some are just plain strange to figure out (Green). Quickie sum-it-up: We have auras. Auras=Personality. Auras have colors 😛

Just a heads up of what is going to happen. If you comment on this post, there is a better chance I may squeeze you in the story. That’s all 🙂

~*Disco70s*~WW’s Co-Leader

22 Responses

  1. Lje made the nachos vs ww xD

  2. I’m quiet most of the time.

  3. Im shy most of the time

  4. i’m crazy, very sarcastic, and lazy as hell

  5. im your everyday pervert sometimes lazy though

  6. I`m sarcastic & funny but depressed at times.

  7. Im stupid and a perv at times

  8. I like to act stupidly.

  9. Imma asian (spazz).

  10. I’m Nicko *wary*

  11. i ish a guy who knows that 2 dice are 2 squares of plastic coverd with ink 😛

  12. I want to wield a onyx bolster sword :3

  13. Me=Frikkin mad scientist! Owns an antimatter (look it up) cannon and face is obscured by a mask rather like this one http://www.linksforlunch.com/wp-content//Azureus.jpg
    Except the eyes glow orange. =D

  14. I’m just strange, and obsessed with the internet!!!!

  15. Wow, you guys have some pretty abstract stuff 😆
    I will try to see if THAT’S possible for every role O_O

  16. im mexican no jk im italian

  17. Green, I know you placed your name in there *wary* I know dah future *shifty* Jk, it’s obvious.

  18. Wow that’s really awesome. I can’t wait for it. xD Nice title to it too. I will try my best to keep up activeness for you guys.


  19. i want a lucario (pokemon not luc) beside me 😛

  20. Cool, im not the only asian here
    im gaming all the time.

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