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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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A Plate With Colorful Waffles-Chapter 1-A Message from a Hated Prophet

Caution: Lots of words and may cause boredom, going to the bathroom and negative thoughts. Also, here’s the following that I need to put in the next chaper (so many people to put it x_x):

Goliath, 1a3t, Candyboy8, Master Rebel, Anti/Antimatter, Moka Fuzz, Fluffyboy8

These ppl aren’t in this chapter, but will take a larger part in the next chapter 😉


A Plate With Colorful Waffles

Chapter 1: A Message from a Hated Prophet

A peaceful night laid in WW’s base. Everyone partied like it was no tomorrow. Well actually, it was 12:00 AM so, tomorrow is today. Anyway, everyone partied for the success of their two tourney battles. Wex started hanging from the chandelier (that fancy light thing in ballrooms) and Green started a pie battle against Twi. It was all fun and game with everyone. The room spun with cheers and crazy, drunk troops running around in circles.  A loud Xbox game erupted from the corner of the base.

“Oh my gosh, my fingers are falling apart DDDD:< This is why Modern Warfare is both addicting and painful at the SAME TIME!” exclaimed Skill sweating.   “Stop whining, it’s just a killing streak. Besides, if I were you, I would just grow a tougher skin,” Crash replied with a smirk. His fingers finally targeted for Skill’s player and shot him in a second. Skill threw the Xbox controller on the ground slicing it with his Katana (his Japanese sword :shock:). His face grew bright red, maybe redder than the time he first ate chili peppers.

Yet, another situation commenced at the meeting table in the Girls’ Lounge. Drago, Wolf, Mgm, and Disco were swimming in their pool that is in the shape of a waffle. Everyone was just talking about some random thing that only girls knew about. The room was just contained with them (and no, they we’re not naked or anything inappropriate e_e). Wolf chewed on her favorite candy bar: Milky Way. Suddenly, the water became icy cold like it was the first day of winter.

“Umm guys, I think we better go to the hot-tub,” Mgm answered. She was very unsure if she was positive to get out.

Everyone agreed and as they got out of the water, a loud bam came out of the door. The mysterious shadows came out of the door and it was pretty obvious to recognize. One of them worse a gray hoodie with yellow hair, while the other had a bandanna on his head with a Hawaiian t-shirt. It was Skater and Teadan. Everyone knew them because they had a reputation for being total noobs and ruining probably some of their lives. Disco was one of them, so she became the first one to make her distinguished expression.

Skater yelled first, ” Oh HAAAAAI GUYS!!!!! Wait, is this the waffle room or the boys’ bathroom?”

Teadan made a smirk because he was interested in dating one of them. He started drooling at one of them, but the girls didn’t know why he was doing it. Skater slapped him in the face because he started to look ridiculous.

Um guys, be RIGHT back, I got a little surprise to get from my room,” Drago whispered. She zoomed for the door into her bedroom. Strangely, her bedroom was full of her stuff: her laptop, a messy bed, her pictures of her parents (wut…) and nevertheless, her prized Onyx Bolster Sword. Drago knew it was the right time to scare Skater and Teadan with it. So, she took it out of the case and came back into the swimming area. Mgm gasped, but Wolf was still munching on her Milky Way watching the audience.

At the right moment, Teadan made weird expressions, then eventually fainted. Disco came by if his pulse is okay and dragged his feet to the first-aid room.

Drago used her sword and place it near Skater’s throat. ” Now tell me, if you do not tell me why you are here bashing into our party, I will cut your throat and throw it out the window. Got that?” she dared bravely.

” Fine, fine, but I need either Wolf or Disco to come with me. It’s a message from a stereo killer that can predict the future. Mgm is an advisior, which I can’t use while a 2ic has some helpful active information I would like to hear,” he said.

Wolf gulped her food and made an awkward face. She made her Italian expression that halfway makes people insecure. Finally, her voice explained, “Let me guess who the stereo killer is, your sister xDDDD”

” Ew gross, I’m serious guys,” he replied with a stern face crossing his arms together (with his English accent xD).


17 Responses

  1. Meep 1st
    Oh and I’m trying to consider myself a minor character, but for those who read Warriors or Seekers, I’m trying to make everyone a normal character :L
    Oh and happy April Fools Day. Look for a promo, jk, April Fools Day 🙂

    btw i liked when wolf said that it was his sister xDDD
    PS: can i be one of the characters?

  3. nice story can i be a character?

  4. oh and my name isint fluffyboy8 xD

  5. cool im in the next chapter

  6. Good. A little too silly?

  7. milky ways + italians ftw

  8. LOL.

    Okay, I have to be in the next chapter. TY&GN

  9. can i be a character?

  10. Put me in it and make me die

  11. Awesome 😀 !

  12. So epic. Hehehehe. I can’t even think what a wild party I was in when tat happened. 😆


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