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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Defense of Tobaggan

Wex Edit: It’s pathetic how AR tells us the information about the invasion a week after they publish the invasion, giving us a 3 day notice while they have a 10 day notice. Yes, AR made the invasion April 6th 😐 Also, these are horrible times due to the fact that we have a good number of UK soldiers. But please try to come…

AR seems to think that even though WW is falling, they can run with a Top 10 army.  Pathetic.

Times are as follows.

Date: Saturday, April 16th

Time: 6:00 CST, 7:00 EST, 4:oo PST

Where: Tobaggan




Green Edit: Message to all Leaders and editors. I made a new page. It is currently a draft. I’d like to keep it that way until it is completely finished. If you have any comments and suggestions, please post them in the appropriate area. Thanks!

31 Responses

  1. most likely

  2. Won’t be able to make it, unless the times get changed to earlier. Let’s show everyone were not an army to be messed with!

  3. Tf? Horrible times. Stupid AR -.-

  4. UK. Nooby army trying to get a pathetic advantage over us.

  5. Noob Army? Pathetic AR? We were once a large contender in the Top Ten, We have survived hacks, being pushed down by other armies, we dont have anything against WW, we just want to win and get noticed

    • bahaha remember when you tried to do that by invading IV? Remember how that worked out for you? History repeats itself my friend.

    • Invading an army to “get noticed”? Good one, bud.

    • lol

    • If you’re so bloody worthy of a top ten, then prove it by giving us the same days notice, cheapshot.

    • You know, I am not even going to respong. 50, look at IV now, Failing! And to get noticed you must invade armies that are already noticed. Assholes, hey remember long ago when AR beat you in the CPAC Tourny? History Repeats itself my friend.

    • Hey, you guys stop the fighting. Sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt me…….This is AR’s 2ic and I wanna say one thing, You guys didnt know about it until 3 days ago?!?! I thought you knew, sorry for the inconvience but we just wanna get noticed. Times… I agree are terrible. But I just wanted to say Good-luck at the battle, may the best army win

    • @57: Lol wow, History repeats itself? Haha you are funny, AR killed WW, even after all that shit talking you guys did, and IV is a failure right now, and probably wont get back to top 10 or near top 10 again. Might as well end them or merge them.

    • And then either way if we had given you a 10 day notice we still would have kicked your ass, seemed to have proved that during the last two battles.

  6. Last time I checked, we were rising, not falling. What happened?

  7. Hmmmm, yup I can come ^^

  8. i will come

  9. i will come

  10. I can come

  11. I can probably come.

  12. I will be helping WW at this event due to AR trying to get a pathetic advantage over WW.
    Really, these times fail.

  13. I can come, but it’s a somewhat odd time. If anything I’ll leave few minutes early.

  14. I should be able to come.

    I can’t come, I’m having a sleepover at my house 😛

  16. I’ll try my best to come!

  17. maybe

  18. I can’t come, sorry.
    My band teacher is having practice today. Why? You might say? My school is preforming in Alanta,Georgia soon. So we have to get ready ;o;

  19. I’m sorry but I will be rly bizze for nxt few weeks so I can chat but until may( or even end July) I will be involved in preparations for my barmitzva sorry and please don’t demote please


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