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    Welcome to the Watex Warriors! To join, just go to the Join page. No more than 30 hours after you've joined, we'll put you on our Ranks page. Feel free to browse the site! :) The site is 100% safe to access. It's completely virus free!
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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Welcome to the Start

Note: Unfortunetly, we have way too many people having the Head Warlord rank. Therefore, some Head Warlords will be Warlords. I am terribly sorry, for real. However, Warlords will have the same rights as Head Warlords. Therefore, you can be promoted to 3ic as a Warlord. Basically, Head Warlord=Warlord except the fact that Head Warlord is 3ic Mod while Warlord is 4ic. Promotions for Head Warlord will be very strict however. Due to this new change, a new mod rank has been added.

There will be change.

As we restart this army, many changes will occur for the benefit of the army.

We will start small, think small, be small. But as we work and live on, we will take bigger and bigger steps everyday. As time moves, we will move. Soon, we will be superior. We will rise to the top ten once again. But we will march on. We will rise to be on the Top 5. And after we succeed, we will be a Top 3 army. I have faith in this army and I believe that we can rise to be a successful and steady Top 5 army. We will not collapse like our past. We will succeed.

Now, we have deleted our ranks page. We will restart the ranks. Most likely, we will give your old rank back. We have a list of your ranks. However, we actually may change your rank a bit, who knows? So comment on the join page if you want to rejoin or join. However, this isn’t a comment for just the heck of making it. Making this comment will show that you will be loyal to the Watex Warriors.

21 Responses

  1. I will be staying with WW.

  2. WW will rise.

  3. 😀

  4. I will join for leader I have exp

  5. I’m coming back to WW. As to my concern, I am not sure what is coming up for our plans to bring back WW. I am watching to see if there is something changing.

  6. Yessss… Hello I stayed. 😀 *Goes to comment on join.*


  8. I’m staying, I’ll try to push some stuff aside.

  9. If you give me leader, I will join.

  10. I Ajman9011, was a former Head Warlord. I hope to be Head Warlord in this generation. I will sacrafice everything for WW to be great.

  11. I’m definitely going to stay with WW, but I will not be active due to the fact that I can’t use my computer at the moment.

  12. To all you people who are asking for leader, I laugh at your stupidity. First of all, what makes you think that I’ll make you a leader? All you want is fame. How selfish. Plus, if you didn’t see the ranks page already, we already have 3 leaders. Sorry, come again.

  13. Only suggestion is start recruiting, now that track is over I will check the site every day…

  14. I’m stayin’ in WW.

  15. I hope this works out. Good luck, im just checkin in.


  16. I was two ranks above Captain I forgot whats it called also Im joining again

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