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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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To GT:


Okay first of all, I don’t want to cause any issues. If you guys asked to share Half Pipe, we would have been happy to share it. But no, you guys want your greedy hands on all of Half Pipe, invading the army that gave you Half Pipe in the first place: the Watex Warriors. I can understand that you use Half Pipe a lot and all, but WW uses Half Pipe often as well. Plus, does it hurt to share a capital? We’re sharing Tundra with ACP and RPF, RPF’s sharing Tuxedo with a whole bunch of armies; really, does it matter if you share Half Pipe with us?

I want to break down on something that someone in GT, most likely Secran, has posted.

“Message to WW: CPAC officials announced that you restarted your army. That means: You lose your server.You can’t just go on and restart the army 10 times and then still claim you own your old server +Not to mention GT i 3rd in the top 10, and gets 30 at events, unlike WW that gets 5. In my opinion, you shouldn’t piss us off. You don’t own Half Pipe anymore because you restarted, deal with it, not my problem. And also, check this for proof:”

I pretty much laughed when I read this. Dear God no, we did not restart this army. All we did was close the site for 5 days and fixed the site up, such as our government, widgets, and ranks. The title of my closing post was “Construction”. No, construction doesnot mean the shutting down of an army. I also stated that we would reopen in that post. I am pretty sure that we did not shut down and close forever. Plus, I talked about a new start in the post that you took a picture of because I am planning to start WW as a small army at first, if you can read. We’re not literally restarting.

And does CPAC decide everything? Obviously not. They are just a news site. CPAC talks about major events in the CP army world and lets all soldiers communicate with each other. It does not decide everything. Durr.

Lastly, you guys are hypocrites. Are you accusing us of restarting multiple times? We closed the army once last summer and we went under construction recently. On the other hand, GT has went through about 3 restarts in the Fall of 2010 and a major restart in January 2011. You guys also claimed servers. After the first week of your recent restart, you guys had war with UMA and you had over 10 servers on your servers list. Please, think about your army first.

So basically, we just want to share Half Pipe. Geez.

18 Responses

  1. I could really go on with this post but I just don’t have the time.

    GT, stop being so hypocritical : l

  2. CPAC officials are derps. They need to get their heads out of their asses and actually read posts.

  3. Green, CPAC wouldn’t actually know xD CPAC is fine but everyone has to recognize that CPAC is just a news site.

  4. Wow. 😮 That’s GT for ya.

  5. Im just not a huge fan of cpac lol

  6. Lol I didn’t know “CPAC Officials” dictate what WW can and can’t do with their servers…?

  7. CPAC is cp’s Fox News

  8. Wow, at least learn English before you make useless posts. The edit says that the CPAC announced you restarted your army, nothing else. Restarting your army does mean you restart everything.

  9. +It seems you guys can’t read, your post clearly states:
    “As we restart this army”

  10. We didn’t shut down the army though. Freaking read, we’re having a new start as a small army. When I say “start” and “restart”, I’m talking about something like the Refresh button : l And did you read the title of our “closing” post? It says that we are going under construction to fix the army up for this small army plan. Durr.

    Also, once again, CPAC does not decide everything.

    And did you not read? GT restarted more times than us, keeping the servers that they used to own during a couple of those restarts.

    Lastly, this just shows that you guys just want Half Pipe for yourselves.

  11. Let me define “restart” for you guys:
    restart(v)- to begin or set out, as on a journey or activity. (credits to dictionary.com).

    So, GT and Wex are both half right. Wex is right about beginning a new era for WW, but GT still gets partial credit since it’s used to start over. Since the word restart is shown as a “start over or re-do”, this post confused everyone. So, just stop your yapping and stuff.

    Oh and did I mention that I’m getting the feeling that our servers are being “used”. As a result from out “restart/re-do”, every major army are looking upon us as small armies, duh. So, we are just a tool. GT, don’t treat us like a tool, it’s called a new generation or something -_-

  12. GT went in way over their heads. Thats cruel.

  13. This is funny because GT and WW have somewhat identical websites, identical colors, and nearly identical uniforms.

  14. I’m a CPAC reporter. *wary*

  15. Listen, I don’t want to cause any problems since I have absolutely nothing against WW. All we are going to do is go on Half Pipe and liberate it from any armies besides GT and WW. Then we’ll share it. I never want to go against you guys because we’re so identical to each other.

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