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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Story Sign-Up




This is a bit off topic on WW’s situation, but I still want to entertain everyone so we can still cherish the fun we still have today. Okay, let’s cut to the chase.

If you were in WW before the construction began, I made a story called:

A Plate of Colorful Waffles

If you have no clue what in the world the title means or need a quickie description of the story, click here: http://wwofcp.com/2011/03/28/new-ww-series-a-plate-with-colorful-waffles/#more-10022

So anyway, the other story is terrible. Completely terrible. That’s why I want to redo the story to make it a bit interesting. If you would like to sign up to be a character of my story, please use the format I made below. If you do not follow the format, you will not be in the story. Period. Oh and there’s unlimited seats in this, so don’t fret. If there’s 7+ people joining, there’s a chance you will end up as a minor character with limited descriptions.

Joining Format:

  1. What’s your name?
  2. Rank you are in WW
  3. Characteristics/personality:
  4. Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use):

The prologue is coming soon!


27 Responses

  1. Example:
    1. What’s your name? Disco70s
    2. Rank you are in WW: Co-Leader
    3. Characteristics/personality: Weird/eccentric, clever.
    4. Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use): Official Dual Blade Acolyte: Carries a katana and dagger.
    Dragon Owner: Owns a dragon named Gurrington. Hasn’t mastered the art of spewing fire, but has the ability to fly and use physical attacks.

  2. 1. Goldshadow7
    2. Ambassador
    3.sneaky killing and funny 😛
    4. a ninja katana sword.cashoot like fire balls out of my mouth, can shoot out lightning, i can shoot powerful air from my mouth and shoot water.

  3. Nicko
    Head Warlors
    Tech/PC Nerd
    Laptop, tech stuff.

    In the story I could be the guy who sits at a desk with loads of computer screens and checks if anybody is invading any of our servers. Etc.

  4. 1. 1A3T
    2. highes member
    3. Spammer
    4. Spam

  5. 1. Aznkid124
    3.Hardcore gamer.
    4.video games

  6. Master Rebel
    Head Warlord
    Professional bad ass

  7. Goliath619
    Party Animal
    My DJ skills 😉

  8. What’s your name?
    Rank you are in WW
    Characteristics/personality: Absolutely, most definitely, and awsomely insane. But not especially loud or showy, only when it’s dramatically correct.
    Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use):
    Skillz: An Inventor, a miner, a War engineer. I live in a large, partially steampunk lab built into the side of the mountain that the Base is built at the bottom of.Ocassionally I invent a weapon of curious powers and high efficiency, like the Radiation Rifle, and choose one lucky person to get it.

    Items: Usually wear a combination Gas-mask and night vision mask. Good for spy missions. Also armed with a darkness generator (Surprisingly useful) and a rail-shotgun that fires a veritable storm of molten bullets. Takes a hella time to reload, however.

  9. 1. Crash
    2. Warlord
    3. lazy and crazy, short tempered
    4. Sarcasm

  10. What’s your name? Luc
    Rank you are in WW? Retired
    Characteristics/personality: you know me haha
    Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use) I use peoples stuff against them to mess with their heads

  11. Wexfief
    Supreme Dictator
    Water skillz, great Martial Arts fighter, Bauer 60 Hockey stick with a PM9 curve. Aww yeah

  12. What’s your name? fluffyboy3
    Rank you are in WW 3ic
    Characteristics/personality: tired usually
    Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use): REAL atheleate

  13. What’s your name? Teadan
    Rank you are in WW: Brigadier
    Characteristics/personality: I always make a loud entrance, like “WASSUP FELLAS?” but no one pays attention to me, so I shut up for the rest of the time.
    Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use): Eh… Nothing.

  14. ~Rad
    ~Field Marshal
    ~Intellegant , smart , funny , social 😀
    ~ i can use swords and kunai knifes.
    and im pretty good at sports

    • oh and add to that im low-tempered so i get pissed off so fast

    • IM SORRY SORRY i had a mistake..
      i was removed from the ranks D:

    • does that mean i can’t register for the story!?
      NUUUU 😥
      (sorry for spam)

    • If you’re removed from the ranks, you will be marked as a minor character. You can still be in the story if you USED to be in the ranks :). But still, you will still be a minor.

  15. Teaden, you mean you’re a LARGE HAM?

  16. What’s your name? Minhazul8
    Rank you are in WW? Lieutenant Characteristics/personality: He is talkative and hes a hacker, he hacked Herberts computer and found his hideout.
    Attributes (special skills, talents or items you usually use): Swiss army knife in his pocket, he has a Desert Eagle. He knows martial arts and some Swiss army moves.

  17. 1) Dragon
    2)Head Warlord…
    -Easy going
    -Funny[sometimes, depends on topic]
    Special Skills:
    -Certified MMA
    -Weaponary[especially with swords]
    -Eating huge amounts of food before getting diarrea
    -Onyx Bolster Sword
    -other dangerous weapons a girl should have unless they are in the FBI

    I usually wear a cap, plain t-shirt, and cargo shorts. Always have an iPhone in the back pocket and a Zangetsu or Onyx bolster strapped on my back. >;D

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