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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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3ic Elections!

First of all, the winner of the contest is Mgmbl311!

  1. Write your penguin name : your penguin name (Only Disco got this right)
  2. Imagine a robber is pointing a gun at your head. It is loaded. How do you survive? Stop Imagining (Only Mgm got this right)
  3. You start from home. Make a left, another left, and another left. When you’re back home, you see two masked men. Where are you and who are they? You’re at a baseball field and they are the umpire and the catcher.
  4. What is the capital of New York? Albany

Aww yeah.

Okay, so we will be choosing two 3ics! All that will be nominated will be Head Warlords and Warlords! Here are your candidates:

  • NickoCP
  • Fluffyboy3
  • Fivestartaco
  • Master Rebel
  • Goliath619
  • Mattybon
  • Uga77
  • Lje98
  • Crash

Rules: No voting for yourself, no advertising on chat, no bribing, Only WW soldiers can vote (Owners can vote if they want)

Comment the following:

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Candidate 1
  • Candidate 2

16 Responses

  1. All comments involving voting will remain under moderation. If you make a campaign site or comment, just comment it here and I will add it to this post eventually. Voting ends next Friday. Good luck to all!

    Also, the owner ranks will review the votes and see if the candidates chosen will be beneficial to WW.

  2. Rofl, I never knew I was the only one who knew the first answer xDDDD!
    I’m not going to vote because almost everyone on that list is my friend :3, too hard to decide which one to vote.

  3. Goliath619

  4. Vote for me, I will make sure everyone gets free cookies and bacon for life.

    Oh and I have lots of experince. I can tell that a lot of the other canidates are more popular or been in WW longer than myself, but I hope to run this army as much as I possiblely can. I am considered to be funny and not annoying, which is something good to have in a good leader rank.



  5. Crash

  6. Name Antimatter2. You may have heard of me.
    Rank Co-Leader
    Candidate 1 Nicko
    Candidate 2 lje

  7. I’m not in WW but I would choose Goliath and Uga.

  8. You should vote for me because I never forget about events and always come if I can make it. If I’m late I will apologise and make up for it throughout. I am good at taking pictures throughout the event to show our success.
    If I am voted your new 3ic I will be sure to schedule lots of events (at least one every two weeks) no matter what. You can expect to have fun by having me as your new 3ic, so…


  9. And can I just say that I will not be voting as I feel that it is not right to vote in something which you are involved with.

  10. vote for me! ill let you get WAFFLE PRIDE!,rise WW, AND MAKE WW COOL AWESOME AND FUN!

  11. name: 1a3t
    canidte 1: fluffyboy3
    canidte 2: goliath619
    rank: bridgar

  12. Name Fluffyboy3
    Rank 3ic mod
    Candidate 1 the heads warlors im not voting
    Candidate 2 warlords mattybon! 😀
    i have a campaign site :

  13. Name: Hurricanex1
    Rank: Former 2ic
    Candidate 1: Goliath629
    Candidate 2: Flurryboy3

    Does not count


  15. Dragon
    Master Rebel

  16. Name Khimo
    Rank Warlord
    Candidate 1 Lje98
    Candidate 2 Fluffyboy3

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