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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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A Plate of Colorful Waffles-Chapter 1: Blueberry Waffles

*Der, I fixed the mistakes I made in dis story. Happy?*

See WW’s Floor-plans here! Yea on this button, click on this button, you know you want to >:D

Okay, I got a bit bored and decided to release the first chapter earlier. Why? I had a feeling that everybody was waiting too long. Oh and if you’re not in the story, don’t gasp, scream or complain in terror, I couldn’t put you in because the situation wasn’t right for you. Oh BTW, I changed the date of this post so Bri’s video can go before me.

A Plate of Colorful Waffles
Chapter 1: Blueberry Waffles

“Go away…” Drago groaned inside her dorm. She had been sleeping in her bed and it was past breakfast (which was 9 AM).  
    “Come on, you should be hungry by now,” Disco exclaimed banging on her door.
    “But what if I scream at my stomach? It will shut it’s mouth then”
    “You can’t shut up a stomach for your information”
    “Stop being so sciency and let me sleep”
    Skill came into the situation after he woke up from being in the owners’ dorms. His eyes were droopy and tired-looking.
    “So, Drag is oversleeping, eh?” Skill answered to Disco.
    Drago yelled behind the door, “I’m not oversleeping, it’s ‘Saturday.’”
    Disco answered, “Well then, we just ate breakfast. Including Fluffy, he’s downstairs chopping down on his pancakes. Once you wake up, get your own breakfast.”
    “Fine by me, it’s Saturday anyway.”
    The ones who disturbed Drago walked to the elevator room to head back to courtyard to enjoy their time outside on their day-off. They didn’t understand why Drago didn’t want to get up, since it’s such a nice day. It didn’t matter; she was lazy most of the time.
    Wex, Green, Luc and Anti were gathering at the picnic table outside in the courtyard. They didn’t have an indoor kitchen, so the kitchen was located inside the WW deck. WW was more of a college paradise, instead of an army. So mostly, the events were low and easy-going, but strict in some way. At the orange table, Anti’s face was flat on the table like a flattened sandwich that was run over by a truck.
    Green slapped Anti and he awakened immediately. “What the heck!! Have you noticed that…OWWWW!” Anti responded while he rubbed the slap marks.
     “Well, your drool was on the table, so I tried to stop you from drooling.”
    “But still, that hurts…”
    Wex replied in a low voice, “Stop whining, Green’s right. The drool is getting a bit gross for all of us.”
    Luc scrammed almost 3 feet from the table. “Yea…, I’m going to call the janitors to clean that up. Let’s just walking around and stuff.”
    Anti laid his head back on the table, “I’m going to sleep, and that’s final”
    “Fine, let your spit get on our great picnic table”
    Teadan slammed the door with his hyper face. “WASSUP FELLAS? Oh and I found this batch of blueberry waffles in the Waffle Closet. They don’t look stale, but mysteriously hot!”
    The leaders shook their heads “no” since they were so full on buttermilk pancakes. Instead, all the member ranks rushed over to grab every crumb and piece of the blueberry waffles.
    Teadan pushed the button to the second floor of WW base. The elevator was filled with mosaic patterns of waffles and made a beep sound when he was on the designated floor. The door flew opened on the video game room where Azn, 1a3t, and Rebel were playing Modern Warfare or Mortal Kombat or something like that. The screams of 1a3t grabbed his attention.
    “YESH YESH YESH YESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAILURE FOO!!!!!!!!!SHIFTSHUFT!!!!!!!!!! NOW WHO’S DAH MASTA OF DIS NAAAAO????? HUH, HUH, HUH!??!?!?!?!” 1a3t boomed like a bomb. Azn grew red in anger and threw the Xbox controller at the TV. Rebel broke the other TV because he felt like it.
    “What the heck did you do?!? Everybody’s gonna kill you!” Teadan commanded.
    “That’s the thing, I like irritating people like Crash to their nerves. I like how they turn red,” Rebel told Teadan with a deceptive smile on his face.
    “So, what’s with the sack?” Azn questioned.
    “Oh, everybody LOVED the blueberry waffles. That’s why I’m getting more. And the weird part? It was just warm when I got them the first time!”
    1a3t jumped up and down and said, “DO YOU KNOWZZZ WHAT ISH WEIRD??!??”
    Everybody both yelled,” WHAT?”
    He cleared his throat and explained, “Last night, I had to take a wazz because I didn’t want to pee on my bed. So, I took the elevator and heard another strange noise. I didn’t feel like taking a wazz, so I headed to the second floor to get some stuff. Then, I saw this weird guy in this black emo suit CRAWLING on the ceiling!!!”
    Everybody went in a silence and exchanged glances. Was he really telling the truth or was his mind on spammer mode again?

Chapter 2-Cough-idis Coming Soon!

16 Responses

  1. Some notes:
    1. Drago would look forward to food since she can eat large amounts of it til she pukes.
    2. Anti is sleepy because of something that is very secretive, oh wait, too much info!
    3. Still working on mod and owner floors.
    4. 1a3t wanted to be a spammer.
    5. No one is emo, it was 1a3t’s c’wazy eyesight 😛

  2. “That’s the thing, I like irritating people Crash to their nerves.”

    WTF is this I don’t even…

  3. Nice. I want to remake a story that I made like an year ago. It’s the first post on http://wexfief.wordpress.com but I’m too lazy xD

  4. For future reference, I’m teh techy computery guy who has a picture of steak pie as his desktop wallpaper.

  5. i feel insulted

  6. OMG YEY!!!
    You portrayed me 100% correctly! ❤

  7. I like this.


  9. I would slap anti. lmfao

  10. I love this!

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