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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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The new laws

Sorry this wasn’t out sooner, I kind of got busy and couldn’t come on for about a week. But here are the New Watex Warriors Laws!

  1. No hacking
  2. No major fighting (swearing at each other while in a fight, over and over)
  3. Owners/Mods on chat cannot ban – kick – or guest for no reason
  4. No taxes placed on Waffles and Syrup!
  5. No talking about sexual orientation point of views, ex. homophobic slurs, or yelling on chat everyone should be gay (or some crazy stuff like that)
  6. Don’t type in all caps more than 3 times in a row on chat and on the site comments
  7. Don’t talk about sexual things on the site comments/main chat (take it to private chat!) ex. cybering(online sex), saying things like (lol excuse me) – (penis, vagina, i wanna f*ck you, boobs,) and other sexual remarks.
  8. Don’t harass people in Private Chat (ex. cyber raping, flaming them, etc.)
  9. Leaders can’t fire – demote – ban – guest – de-owner – reset chat other owners like 3ics, 2ics, and other Leaders; without the OKAY from soldiers and other leaders.
Now what happens if you break one of these Laws? Consequences will be decided when you break a law.
That’s all for now!
– Scampi Bri 😀

4 Responses

  1. we can curse on chat?

  2. this why I will destory the site someday…

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