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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Anti Here. Anyone remember Chaos? The non-decrepit guy? Well, he retired, and told me to post this. That seems fair, as he can’t post. Yes, it’s long, but he had a long time to make it, as he retired way back when Bri led, and Bri didn’t feel like posting it.

Hello, my fellow soldiers of the UMCP, USRPF, WW, Elites, ACP, and MFW,

With great dread, I Chaos42, announce my retirement, on this 29th day of the 8th month of the 10th year in the 21st century.

It is because of many reasons that I leave my friends today:

1. School. This is the most important reason. School starts tomorrow, and my parents have been getting angry that I’m on the computer all day.

2. Life/Friends. I still remember the day I entered the CP Armies world. I was so eager to be a great leader. However, as to everything, there must be an end. I became totally entranced by

my virtual adventures. There is so much going around in the world around  us, outside of the URL box in our Internet browser, and you and I, we must discover it. I have learned over my

9 months in this world,  that we are missing so much. However fun it may be to be on Club Penguin and Xat all day, it is more fun to hang out with your friends, or execute your hobbies.

3. Boredom. Over my months here, I have begun recently to be bored by all this. I dread going on Club  Penguin, and am sometimes lazy to come on chat, because it’s always the same thing over

and over again. Also, you can’t live your life inside a computer, no matter how many friends you have there. It’s just not how the world is meant to be.

4. Noobs. Well, as the other “old”-ish people can tell you, the CP Armies world is changing drastically. Many people that have been around for a while, like I have retired, leaving mostly “NOOBS”

to be in the armies. Well, I am greatly offended, and annoyed by these “nubbies”. I am a very impatient person, and keeping my patience with them is nearly impossible.

Well, now that you know the foremost: my reason, I may continue to my history.

I started playing CP in late 2007, when my friend showed my this “really fun game” (as he called it at the time). I eventually got hooked, and then, as most people do, went to cheats to keep us entertained. Well, I was a rabid follower of Watex. At this time, he was posting on watex.wordpress.com. I remember he would always mention some “warriors” thing, and one day I got curious and searched “Watex Warriors” on Google. Well, that brought me to the WW. The same day, I joined, and became a scout (lowest rank). I remember going on chat for the first time, seeing all the owners, mods, and veterans. It was overwhelming, because I didn’t even know what we do at battles. But, I eventually found my way. On that same day that I joined WW, November 29th 2009, I was recruited to UMCP(Universal Marines of CP), and was immediately given the rank of Marshall. I was then promoted 2 days later, because I made some cool GFX for the UMCP. At that time, it was only me, Bbbbrrrr, Shad, and one of my best friends, Flameguy36, in UMCP. On the same day that I joined WW and UMCP, I was recruited to FGR (Fort Ghost Recon aka. Ghost Rangers) by Elites. I was immediately given the rank of Brigadier General, and I was exstatic!

I still remember the day that I got my first promotion in WW. I went to bed thinking “I am going to be a WW Leader someday!” I even counted the promotions it would take me to get to Leader…17..xD

I worked hard in CP Armies. I worked hard in FGR. I worked hard in WW. I worked hard in UMCP. However, one day, I came across this army by the name of the Rebel Penguin Fed. (RPF), which I joined. I was ranked as a captain or somthing, but worked my way up the ranks. I eventually was deemed Head Warlord by General Ziehen, when RPF was dead, and he was counting on us to rebuiled it. However, that didn’t work out very well. Then, when RPF was in an even deeper hole, Stev712 (I think I got the numbers right) gave me the rank of 3rd in command, which is the rank I currently hold.

Sometime between all that. Supperz1 became the leader of WW, along with Luc. I was PCed on WW chat one day by Supperz, and he asked me to join Elites. I joined. I worked my way up the ranks, to the position that I hold now, 3ic.  I followed Elites from 3G to 4G. However, Elites are kind of dead now, and I hope that some brave soldier will someday bring 5G into life. Elites has been a big part of my adventure through CP Armies, and always will be.

I also joined ACP in March of April of 2010, but was never really active. I somehow became a Major (through some promotions, and some nagging or Bob xD).

Throughout this, I have worked at CPAE, a now seemingly “dead” CP Army news site. However, I was kicked off the site when I posts an advertisement about my army, Nuclear Warriors, and never bothered to re-join.

I joined GT(Golden troops) in March, and got to the rank of Imperial Commander, but then became inactive.

Nuclear Warriors was made in May/June-ish. I at first strived, with success, but then fell, due to inactivity.

I even became leader of FGR and UMCP, at one point. I worked hard for UMCP, but they fell because of inactive troops. I also tried to help FGR out of it’s depression by becoming leader, but that failed epicly..xD

I joined MFW in late June-early August 2010. I quickly got the rank of 3ic, but then retired soon after.

Even before my CP Armies journey began, I had my own CP Cheats site, trying to work hard and someday be like Watex: chaoscp.wordpress.com. However, I eventually just abandoned that, due to the fact that I was too busy with CP Armies.


I have learned so much through my journey through Club Penguin and CP Armies. I have learned how to make pretty nice graphics, and I am joining my school newspaper this year, hoping I can get to be the Graphics Director. I have learned how to be a good leader, through all those countless days on chat and at the battlefield. I have learned how to use Wordpress, and how to make good and attractive posts. Also, I have learned how a government works, through RPF, since they take things VERY seriously. Also, most importantly, I learned what it means to have friends who are REALLY loyal to you, and care about you. For example, in CP Armies, whenever someone comes out of “brb”, everyone says “wb”, meaning Welcome Back, or “wanna bang?”(according to Nots XD). That is a sign of respect, that you can find no where else in the world, that I’ve been. Also, friends show caring and loyalty through the little things they do: Join your army, take care of your army when your on vacation, stay active in your army, and even just through the little things such as commenting on posts and coming to events!


Well, It’s time to write the  most depressing part of my retirement post, and that is, of course, friends.  I have met friends that I will not forget. I have had good friends, bad friends, and even friends that have gone mad xD. I will do this by which army I met each person in.

Watex Warriors

Antimatter2: Anti, you were my first friend in the Armies. You welcomed me to chat and to the army on my first day. We became grreat friends. You were/are always nice, caring, and thoughtful. Thank you, so much, for being such a wonderful friend. I will never forget you.

Pinkeypiebea: You, as well, were on chat the first day I came on. You even made me a mod for about 2 minutes, and an owner for 5 seconds! You are one of my oldest friends, and I will never forget you. We’ve had our ups and downs, but you were always very nice. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. You also introduced me to Paint.net!

Luc: You were leader when I first joined. I never got to know you THAT well, but I always knew you as a very nice, and caring guy. Thanks for being such a good leader and friend.

Mgm: You didn’t expect for you to be in here, did you? Lol, well, you are. You were always nice on chat, and I won’t forget you and your blog..xD

Lje: You were always very kind. Thank you for being such a great leader, and friend. I won’t forget you, and your Transformice skillz…

Radwan, Skilled Kun: You guys are very nice, and loyal soldiers. You are the future of WW. I wish you luck.

Bri: Bri, you are an amazing person, friend, and leader. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but I will never forget you. Thanks.

If I missed you, please comment on this post. I am very  sorry. I will add you, if I missed you.

Universal Marines of CP

Bbbbrrrr: Thank you for recruiting me to UMCP. I will not forget you. You were always very nice, but strict. I thank you for teaching me so much.

Flameguy36: You beat me to UMCP! Lol. We became great friends in UMCP, and still are. I won’t forget you, my good friend.

Epic.Fail5: I doubt you will see this, but I still wanna pay my respects. You were a great troop, a great friend. I forgive you for all your “bad” actions in UMCP.

Shad: Thank you for maing UMCP. I will never forget you. You are still one of my great friends, and helped UMCP through hard times.

Morgan: I still remember you. You were Bbbbrrrr’s first gf. We became great friends, and I saw you on chat a few months ago. I wish you luck in life, even though you probably won’t see this post.

Sparkles: Ahh, Sparkles. One of my oldest friends. You were Bbbbrrrr’s 2nd gf. Lol. I will not forget you, nor your sister xD. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend.

Hamthy: Thank you for being sooo active and awesome. You are one of my best friends. I will never forget you.

Daisy: Ahhh, Daisy. You were one of my best friends, and always will be. I hope to see you on chat in the future, good friend.

Emmy: You were by far the most loyal soldier in UMCP, and you were in almost all my armies after that. You are one of my greatest and oldest friends. I will never forget you. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. Stay awesome. You are the future of all armies. I wish you luck in life.

If I forgot you, please comment on this post, and I will add you.

Fort Ghost Recon, aka. Ghost Rangers

Elitesof: Thank you for making FGR, and recruiting me to it. I will not forget you. You are one of my greatest friends.

Most of my UMCP Friends were in FGR, so I won’t talk about  them again.

If I forgot you, tell me.

Elites of CP

Supperz1: You are an amazing friend, person, and leader. I hope we can keep in touch.

Kayylah: You were an amazing friend. You were always nice on chat. You are one of my best friends. I won’t forget you.

Add: You were always very nice on chat, and I will never forget you. I hope I can see you on xat in the future.

Jtzink: You were the person who told on me for cheating on the CG poll, but I always thought you were a loyal troops and great friend/person. Thanks.

Godplaya: You were a great leader, and a great friend. I will never forget you. Thank you.

If I forgot you, please tell me.

Rebel Penguin Federation

General Zie: You were a great leader. You gave me the rank of Head Warlord. I thank you for that, and for being such a great friend.

CasiusBrutus: You were a great leader. You are still one of my best friends. I think that Ashes couped you unfairly. I will never forget you.

Chapa: You are and still one of my greatest friends. You are a great person and 2ic. I will not forget you, Chappy.

Stev: You were a great friend and leader. You gave me the rank I currently hold now. I will not forget you.

Ashes: You are a great leader. You’ve had your bad times, and good times, but I will never forget you. Thank you.

Emperer Josh: You are a great leader and an amazing friend. I will never forget you.

Frosty Biite: You are one of my best friends. Although I have not known you for a very long time, I know how good of a leader you are. I remember the battle that you, me, and Flame. We make a good team. Thank you, old friend.

P80: You are an amazing troop, and a great friend. I will never forget you. You are the future of RPF. Good luck.

If I forgot you, please tell me. Thanks!

Please tell me if I missed you, because you weren’t in any of these armies.


Well, that concludes my friends section.

I would like to express some final requests:

-I would like to retain my rank in WW as WW Janitor, and for no one else ever to have the alility to gain this rank.

-I would like to keep my rank in RPF, as a “sticky” rank. I would like to be able to be niether demoted nor promoted after this rank gets “stickied”, due to the fact that I  may come back in the future.

Well, that is all. You may do anything you want with my rank and my history.

I am very glad that I had this oppourtunity to enter the world of CP Armies. I will never forget it…

Well, I guess this is it.

Signing off for the last time,


Chaos would also like me to say this: A CURSE UPON BRI! You’re a bitch. Ha ha ha ha.
NOTE: That is Chaos speaking, and not me.

NOTE: I’m pretty sure that this is a milestone event: first retirement post for a person that isn’t an owner rank.

That’s all, folks. -Antimatter2

4 Responses

  1. I think I owe the army an brief explanation. I had originally written this in August of ’10, when I retired, but Bri, being that bitch that she is, didn’t let me post it, since “it would sadden up the site,” and we got into a massive argument involving many vulgar terms. Eventually, when I left Xat forever, I never got the retirement posted. However, it was posted on the RPF and UMCP site, which is how I managed to find it.

    Today, I came back for a visit on chat, and I asked Anti if he could post it for me, since Bri is no longer in the army. He, being the angellic friend that he is, posted it for me.

    SUCK IT, Bri. I got my justice.

    And to Anti, thank you so very much. I know that it took away from your TF2 time, but the fact that you would do this just goes to show how great of a leader/friend you will be.

    As to the rest of the WW- It’s amazing that you’ve managed to stay alive this long. I wish you all the best of luck, and I wish you all nothing but the best.

    • Okay,

      1. I didn’t post it because I forgot and you came on chat calling me out, and then that lead to the argument.

      Who the fuck do you think you are, telling me to suck it, calling me a bitch, when all I did was forget to post your retirement post on WW site?

      Why didn’t you ask to get this posted somewhere else like RPF’s?

      I’m pretty sure not a lot of people will even read this. Taking up space – wasting it.

  2. So that whole Santa bit was fake?

  3. @Bri.
    Uhh, no. You didn’t post it because there had already been a few retirements that week, and you thought another one would be “saddening up the site.” Don’t argue. I remember VERY CLEALY what your reasoning was. And I have all the reason in the world to call you a bitch.

    ….and this is NOT wasing space, since it’s meaningful and worth something, unlinke your time in WW.

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