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And as the sun sets…

Nearly 3 years, it’s been. From the noob months, to leadership, to modship again. A little under 2 years, and 10 months. August the 23rd, 2008-June the 4th, 2011. Hell, it’s been THAT long.

I won’t bore you with my history… no, I won’t. A lot of you don’t actually know who I am, such has been my recent inactivity.

And it’s because of this that I retire. I haven’t been active, and I don’t see that changing, especially at this stage in my life. If I was, say, 10, then I wouldn’t retire. But I’m 13. I need to retire, you could say. I’ll still be checking up on you guys, and I’ll still be on Twitter (@ElJayEe98).

Oh, and the title IS appropriate, because here in Britland, the sun IS/WAS setting. Owned.

And now onto the mentions…

  • Dino- Mai besty, lulz. I’ll still be around, don’t worry- even if it is only to remind you Liverpool suck.
  • Jordy- HW, remember? Meh, you’re not even reading this. 😛
  • Bri- You were a good leader.
  • Nick- Omgz, Nicko. You can still talk to me on Twitter, don’t worry.
  • Luc- I owe you for giving me my chance.
  • Miroos- Everyone knows you as that hacker over there, but I’ve known you since way before then (I think). Come on Arsenal!
  • Khimo- KIMMY! ‘Nuff said.
  • Swemaj- Jimbo boy! A wild Lje has appeared!
  • Mgm- Bye 😦
  • Mrtchy- Mrtch 🙂
  • Beav- Beavo 😀 Keep supporting Arsenal, mkay?
  • Donut- Jack a lad 😀 Btw, Halo sucks 😀
  • Wexfief- WEXYPOO. ‘Nuff said.

Soz if I missed you, init.

Signing out..


I’ll be back.

22 Responses

  1. Taco?

    • lje what about your friend jack
      and you still owe me that blue waffle :mrgreen:
      Auf Wiedersehen mein frund

  2. Damnit Crash. I wanted first.

  3. Goodbye Lje 😥
    I know we don’t rlly know much of each other, but please take care.

  4. Thanks for forgetting me.

    But bye Lje. Hope to see you around chat.

  5. It’s been a good two years, Lje. See you around then.

  6. Lje 😦

  7. you forgot me Lje! besides I ain’t done yet and I am 15

  8. Goodbye Lje.

  9. forgot me Lje. bye Lje.

  10. Bai bai. 😦

  11. Bye Leejee. Where’s my entry? D:<
    Rofl @ Britland
    I'll miss you.

  12. I’m almost 14, but it’s true, I no one in my class( as far as I kno) plays cp nymor

  13. Good Bye lje! WW Will miss you! and thanks for including me (;

  14. Cya bud :’)

  15. Oh and Lje. It seems the wild Lje ran away.

  16. bye lje your a great friend to me :<

  17. OMG LJEH 😦 I’ll miss ya bro ❤

  18. Chelsea rock dude, im sorry but Arsenal SUCK. 😉

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