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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Declaring War on CPSA and ?? || WW Server Updates

First of all, we are declaring war on the Club Penguin Shadows (Army). Although this happened months ago, a fail flame comment was written by the main leader on the History page. They also marked us as an enemy. I guess they want to see what waffle power is like, eh? Plus, they are just annoying our allies, the Night Warriors, right now.

WW, this should be an easy victory. Let’s have some fun while we rise at it!

Also, we will declare war on a second army once you guys can prove to me that we can average 15 soldiers per battle. So recruit and get ready for some war fun!

On another note, WW now has full possession on all servers except Tundra and Half Pipe. We own 10 servers right now and we will have 12 servers by the end of this weekend, which is the limit for the amount of servers an army can hold. We will try and be as interactive as we can with all of our servers and we may get rid of a couple as time passes!

Lastly, I have one announcement.

The Watex Warriors hereby gives all of WW’s possession of Tuxedo to the Rebel Penguin Federation, making RPF the sole owner of Tuxedo, RPF’s capital.

Watex Warriors, this is our rise! No, we will not just be a major army, but we will be a constant Top 5 army, like what we’re supposed to be! We already rose from Small to Medium and we will rise to Major once again!

6 Responses

  1. IFA too. *Wary*

  2. OiWex. Go for top 5 stability, then build from there. Mkay?

  3. Sounds fun.

  4. Que, finally some action!

  5. Um we would like to end this war right after this battle, we admit that you are a MUCH bigger army, and I was a serious noob when i posted that comment so yea. You guys are probably going to take Rainbow, but please dont take it any farther. And i am sorry about the comment I posted. I think the conflict between us and the NW is over. The stupid invasion plan of Fog got all messed up, and now I think we are neutral. So sorry again about the comment, and please dont take it any farther than Rainbow. The reason i posted it was because one of my friends was in your army, and he lied to me and said that you treated him horribly and betrayed him or something. It wasnt until after I posted that comment that he told me the truth, that you guys are a pwning army. Im not trying to wuss out of war, im just saying i was being a noob, and im sorry.

    CPSA leader, Ferrari86243

    Wex: Yeah ik, I wasn’t planning to invade your whole nation or anything. We’re just gonna invade Rainbow since it was an old WW server anyways. I understand though. Just don’t worry about it.

    I’ll give you one statement of advice: start small. If you’re gonna invade an army of have war with an army, invade an army about the size as your army.

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