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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Hurricanex1 has been removed from the poll. You may change your vote for 3ic if you voted for Hurr. Also, please know that you can vote for 2 3ics!

Campaign Posts (Make sure to read before voting!): http://wwofcp.com/2011/07/02/campaign-posts/


Comment the following

Leader Poll: (Vote for 1)

  • Antimatter2
  • iNightwolf

Co-Leader Poll: (Vote for 1)

  • Fluffyboy3
  • Goliath619
  • Master Rebel
  • Goldshadow7

Ambassador Poll: (Vote for 2)

  • Braveboy124
  • Crash
  • Danny9632
  • Lje98
  • NickoCP

You may make a campaign comment/site! Just comment it on this post!


  • Only active WW Soldiers may vote
  • No Bribing or Advertising
  • No Voting for Yourself
  • No Cheating (Spying on Comments, Editing Comments, etc.)(I can tell if you did one of these…)
  • Voting ends in 1-2 Weeks
  • You are allowed to omit a poll

Comment form (Copy and paste this and enter your votes)

  • Leader (1):
  • Co-Leader (1):
  • Ambassadors (2):

❗ All comments made throughout the site will be held under moderation ❗

❗ Vote for who you think will benefit WW, not for your friends ❗

❗ Good Luck to All ❗

Green Edit: Before you go crazy with your elecions, Wex, in my TEMPORARY Retirement post I stated that Disco was to become a TEMPORARY Leader until the end of summer. That is when I may comeback. Wait till the end of summer to have these elections if I decide to fully retire. Just because I retired for the summer doesn’t mean I’m gone forever. Nevermind I got things figured out ❤

Wex Edit: Green, we can have 4 leaders lolol

27 Responses

  1. •Leader: iNightwolf
    •Co-Leader: Goliath619
    •Ambassador: Braveboy124, Danny9632

  2. Leader:wolf

  3. Leader: Wolf
    Coleader: Goliath
    Ambassador: NickoCP and Lje

  4. Leader: Anti
    Co-Leader: Fluffy

  5. Leader: Antimatter2
    Co-Leader: Master Rebel
    Ambassador: Braveboy124 and Lje98

  6. Leader: iWolf
    Co-Leader: Fluffyboy3
    Ambassador: Danny

  7. Leader:Wolf
    Ambassador:Danny, Brave

  8. •Leader:Inightwolf
    •Co-Leader: Goliath619
    •Ambassador: NickoCP

  9. First >:D
    Leader: Idk, too hard to choose.
    Co-Leader: Goliath (srry Fluff and Rebel, but this is for the benefit of WW).
    Ambassador: Crash

  10. WW should change your name to Waffle Warriors, it has a nice meaning and sounds awesome.

  11. Bah! No way.
    Leader: Me, myself, and I. I know I havn’t been very active, but I’m working on it ok? Chill. And I’ve been in WW longer than most of you all, there’s another plus =)
    Co-Leader: Goliath
    Ambassador: Leejee

    Wex Edit: Did you read the post? I’m pretty sure it says “No voting for yourself”.

    FINE D:<

  12. Leader: Anti
    Co-Leader: Goliath
    Ambassador: Danny

  13. Leader:I won’t be voting for this one since I don’t really know either of them
    Co-Leader: Goliath

  14. Hi.
    My name is Danny9632 (Danny) I have been in WW before and now I’m in WW again as WW Warlord. If you vote for me I will do everything I can for WW, I promise to be active and schedule events so we can have some fun, and I like waffles hehe. So vote for me :mrgreen:

  15. Hello WW,

    I’m Goliath619, a candidate in the 2ic poll. Many of you know me as I have been in this army for quite a while. If I gain access to the spot of Co-Leader to this precious army, expect great things from me. I plan to help our leaders in ever way possible to achieve the top spot in CPAC’s Top 10. WW will be a lot more enjoyable with me as your Co-Leader. So please, make the right choice. Vote Goliath for 2ic!

    Love Always <3,

  16. Hi i’m Crash, here in the 3ic elections yet again. I have good experience in Ninjas and recently got mod in Nachos. I’m a fun loving leader who comes to events a such and a good friend. So uh, vote for me!


  17. Wolf
    Hurr and Nicko

  18. Hola WW,
    I’m Hurricanex1, and a candidate in 3ic poll. I’m a former Second in Command of the Watex Warriors and would like to become more than Second in Command, but for now I’m in the running for 3ic. I’ll bring a lot of more fun to the Watex Warriors! I’ll tell you about some of the former armies I led/ High ranks. I was Nachos Second in Command, UMA Leader, WW Second in Command, RPF Second in Command, and much more. So, vote me, Hurricanex1 as your Third in Command once more!


    If you want more information on what i’ll do for WW, just reply to this comment!

  19. Leader: Antimatter2

    Co-Leader: Fluffyboy3

    Ambassador: Hurricanex1, Braveboy124

  20. Ayee WW,
    I’m Braveboy, and I’m a candidate in the 3ic poll. I was a former co-leader of Watex Warriors when my army, Pretzels, merged into WW. I’m back in Watex Warriors and I would like to become your newest 3ic. If you vote for me to become 3ic, I promise that I will be very active, and try to bring more troops into Watex Warriors. The armies that I was in before were, Black Bandits Leader, WW Co-Leader and I’m currently Pretzels Leader. Thanks for reading my speech and vote for me 😉


  21. NOOBS! Going to remove me :@

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