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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Hibernate? Ours.

Hello WW, we had a great turnout today on Hibernate, something the UMA probably weren’t expecting. We had a full+ chat and averaged 15-20+, and we had great tactics. All UMA did was E+9 and Joke Bombs with the occasional “UMA” spam or little statements that weren’t a very big impact. Let’s get to the pics shall we?

30 minutes are over – time to log off.

At the start of the battle, UMA had a slightly bigger size, but we eventually caught up. We had better tactics throughout the entire battle, and a nice size. UMA – being the army that they are and are turds when it comes to admitting defeat, will probably say they win – which would be a false statement.

This post has been brought to you and sponsored by Paula Deen.

Wex Edit: FGR… what?

And to UMA: I’m sorry if I told Disco to come to WW chat on PW’s main chat. I was only trying to get Disco’s attention. I did not bring any PW to WW chat.

19 Responses

  1. We win 😀

  2. I came oh and nice joke “hibernate hours” but its ours xD

  3. FIRST.
    Wats up with the fat space at the bottom?
    I came to it ;P

  4. I was there :mrgreen:

  5. Shame shame shame.

  6. Yay Victory 😀

  7. That showed UMA! Now lets plot our recapture of tundra!

  8. Nice job as usual guys, you owned in tactics and there’s like a 90% chance UMA had allies anyway lol

  9. atleast half of your pics show uma winning o.o

    • Did you not even read the post? No, of course you didn’t. The Plaza picture was before the event started, when WW was trying to recruit in the Plaza, but UMA took it upon themselves to just come annoy us. Then, once the event started WW moved to the dock, I mentioned in the post that “in the beginning UMA was a little big bigger than WW” the time we were at the Dock was right when the event started, hence the beginning, at the Dock UMA hardly did any tactics, and WW did much more. It didn’t take UMA long to ‘retreat’ to the Town. There, WW jbombed them, which overcame their defense of the typical warface that pretty much used as their major tactic. Once we stopped jbommbing, we moved to the Snowforts since it was a more open and non crowded space. WW stacked in the bottom corner, as UMA entered the room jbombing, which we suspected of course. So as we watched their typical stupidity in jbombing a room that they enter, they finished and got in their line. WW broke out with their charge of a jbomb as UMA was trying to make their line, making it more difficult for them to form a nice line. Once that was finished, we made our line. There were many people clumped up, as much as we tried to get them to un-clump, we just decided to leave them as is and continue with our tactics. WW did many tactics while in their line down the middle of the Forts. Eventually, UMA made a diagonal line, and WW stole their original line’s spot – but then decided to just go on the chat bar. Which we did, and performed great tactics. Then, the event ended and WW said goodbye and left.


  10. I WAS IN 16-16 of thos pics lol and whoever took the pictures should become a warfare photographer!!!!!

  11. SO GOOD JOB Waffles! ;-):-):-D

  12. paula deens smile kinda FREAKS ME OUT she has to big of a smile 😀

  13. Why did you keep deleting my corner of shame picture?

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