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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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A Sorta Retirement That I’m Not Sure Of…


… Okay, I’m not sure if this is my final retirement or not. But I will explain the situation:

Two days ago on Sunday, someone in my family caught me on another chat and my parents finally caught me. They were furious at me chatting and now they grounded me yesterday (I’m ungrounded now). They are limiting me to two hours a day (one hour in morning, one in afternoon/night). Also, they banned me from using Xat. Therefore, I can’t attend battles or have fun with my friends on Xat. Finally, they took away my laptop and I’m forced to use the computer that everyone uses. :| My parents think it’s not safe for me to get on Xat, so yea.

 To WW:

 Since I have no access to Xat, that means I can’t go to events. I have to resign from leadership and turn into an advisor. Although, I am not sure how I will “help” WW through this situation. So here’s my plan: I will become an advisor and take a long vacation to think of how I can handle this. Between late August and early September, I will annouce whether or not I will continue being a leader. Since I’m going to be an advisor for a month and a half, Anti will cover for Green instead. Why? He was in the election and lost. It’s more fair since he has more experience than me.

 If you play Transformice, you’re in luck. That game is not considered “Xat-related/chatroom-related”. So, I can freely use it anytime during the day with my computer limit. If you really want to see me again, you should recommend me to play any MMORPG games and I will think of playing it. At the moment, I’m playing TFM, MonkeyQuest/MQ and bits of CP.

No, I’m not leaving forever. Around my B-Day, I’m planning to sign up for a Deviantart account so I can both show my sketches and connect to my old CP friends.

Is this goodbye? I  hope not. Please do not fire me. Also, keep me an owner since there’s a chance I may come back. In addition, I will check WW site to see how you guys are doing. Oh and if you think I’m not considered a legend yet, fine by me.


PS: I’m not taking any chances getting on Xat atm. One more time on that and I’m banned from the internet…til idk O_o

28 Responses

  1. I wish I can stay longer, but I can’t ._.
    Btw, it actually feels better with the weight off when getting on Xat at every moment. It actually feels more normal and not-so geeky (I’m not saying that YOU guys are geeky).

  2. Bye disco (well i do have tfm) but ima miss you on xat ;_;

  3. Awww, I hope you don’t go forever 😦

  4. D:

    • i wont see you because my mom banned me from TFM for unknown reasons -.-

  5. 😦 Bye Disco 😦

  6. Hey guys, I’m not leaving forever. I might get on secretly to check everyone out. For now, I won’t be going as on for a while 😐

  7. Curses! I’ll miss ya.

  8. Disco, if you’re smart enough, you can use the Xat chat box in the WW chat page (wwofcp.com/chat). 😛 Or, you can use TFM as a chat to talk to not only WW people that plays TFM but also someone can tell you the commands through TFM.

    I’ll keep you on the ranks as grounded and I will add Anti as temp. leader. (I will do this stuff tomorrow.) And I don’t think you will be added to the HOF, since no one even added me to it yet. I might work on a subdivision that lists some significant people in WW so you might be added to it, don’t know for sure.

    And I hope you can come on chat again. My parents don’t like me chatting but they still allow it. 😛

    • shit I actually agree with wex on that -.-

    • Thats what i thought up wex

    • 1. I cant use WW chat page.
      2. The TFM idea is actually genius. Though, I can only have 1-2 hrs online. Also, everyone hogs the computer.
      3. Idc if u change the teams.
      4. There is always someone watching me ( but doing something else).
      5. I will use the Wii more often since it has internet channel. Though, i cant use TFM or xat due to flash requirements.

      Wex: Use Xat mobile on Wii. It works.

  9. Disco you were the only experienced leader left in WW after wex retired (ONO), but i’ll miss you try not to forget about us.

  10. Disco, can you do the Waffle War? If not, Wolf and I have to redo the entire thing. We’ll still add you to one team though.

    • idk, I can’t go on chat. Also, i dont have enough time to get on.us

  11. I will miss you Disco! I hope you come back soon D:

  12. I hope you are back soon Disco.

  13. Aw, you don’t need to make a separate HOF Area.

  14. Disco, I’m sorry you have to retire (for now). You were a great leader and soldier. I hope to see you back on the battlefield. As for the keeping you owner, You will remain owner. Just know we may reset in the time you aren’t on chat. We will make sure to re-owner you when you return (if the chat resets for some strange reason).

  15. Aww! It’s sad to see u go. You were a good friend and most active in CPGT, good luck in life

  16. ok wth, im gone for a week and a bunch of shit has happened… my ex gf and now disco….wtf………too much shit happening. anyways bye disco D;

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