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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Waffle War Information

This is a sticky post. Scroll down for new posts!

❗ If you want to join the war but you are not in the Watex Warriors, join at the Join page and comment here that you want to join the war! If you are already in WW but are not on a team, comment here that you want to join the war! ❗

Leaders, 2ics, and 3ics are allowed to schedule 24 hour invasions on their team’s site. One Invasion (per team) per day!

iWolf’s Team Name: My Little Ponies (MLP)

Site: http://cpkid8888.wordpress.com/

Chat: http://xat.com/MyLittlePonyWW


  • Rainbow (Capital)
  • Snowbound
  • Hibernate
  • Powder Ball

Wexfief’s Team Name: Teku

Site: http://wexfief.wordpress.com

Chat: http://xat.com/TekuCP


  • Half Pipe (Capital)
  • Tundra
  • Mukluk
  • Shiver

Team Members: (Pink – MLP) (Sky Blue – Teku)

[Note: The order of these soldiers were the order that they were picked in.]

  • Fluffyboy3
  • Danny9632
  • Braveboy124
  • Goliath619
  • Master Rebel
  • Antimatter2
  • Disco70s
  • Greenday9991
  • Goldshadow7
  • Lje98
  • Khimo
  • Danthemanr1
  • Bottlefanta
  • Monster47345
  • Crash
  • 1a3t
  • Teadan
  • Keith09
  • MestirSenorz (Twi)
  • NickoCP
  • Shad
  • Northweezy (Random)
  • Radwan006
  • Blueman0609
  • Cheeko Cool1
  • Aznkid124
  • Splasher99
  • Chillie17
  • Spiderguy22
  • Jackie202
  • Bee7875
  • Pacpowerable
  • Carter157
  • Ribler
  • Sammy54323
  • Bluedude392
  • Mttt7
  • Chrisi Blule
  • Chicha Ninja
  • Happysally5
  • Moka Fuzz
  • Smsm3
  • Kotsad

If you were not added to a team, comment here!


  • Both teams start at the Snow Forts.
  • Each battle in a room takes 4 minutes, or until one side retreats. The team that won that room must advance.
  • The Defensive Team’s base is the EPF Command Room while the Invading Team’s base is the Environmental Room.
  • The battle will last 40 minutes at most or until one of the bases are invaded. If 40 minutes pass, the defensive team wins.
  • No invading the capital until it’s the last server left!

Click to enlarge.

[Disclaimer to other armies: Due to the fact that WW will be busy with this fun event, any invasion of a WW server made by any army during the Waffle War will not count and WW will still own the server while the invading army will not gain anything at all.]

24 Responses

  1. Someone’s addicted to Hot Wheels Accelerators

  2. I want to join the war

  3. Wat in dah world does Teku mean? o_o

    Wex: It’s really from Acceleracers, but in Slovenian, it means ongoing and continuous.

  4. Can I join zeh war :3

  5. Wolf and I are choosing teams at 11:30 am PST. Feel free to come on chat at that time. I might give out a couple of xats.

  6. I want to join the world

  7. TEKU FTW.

  8. OMFG, wtf is this why am i on the fuking noob team ffs! put me on the pink team or just take me off the whole my little pony shit…


  10. Im off of break and whos team am I on

  11. 5th pick overall and ahead of four current/retired leaders 🙂

  12. Woop Woop Teku!

  13. 1st mod pick! Although technically I’m not a mod…

  14. What time is this?

  15. what happened to BLT?

  16. All team Teku check the site!

  17. I may get on during events, but I won’t come to all events. Also, I will come on, but not on Xat. So, I will be on CP, but not Xat. Still retired….

  18. Coolio. ;D

  19. I want to join 😀


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