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Jason, the one who hacked Chrisdog93 and Fever’s accounts

Jessie Edit : Now, I’m sure all of you aren’t stupid enough to think that Fever actually joined RFW. First of all the penguin “Fever” has been used by many people all over Club Penguin seeing how Fever is a well known penguin user/blogger on Club Penguin obviously people would want to get into that account(which they have) and pretend to be him for either a publicity stunt, or just to try and get people to join other armies *cough*Jason*cough*. Secondly, after 7 years do you really think Fever/Watex will come back into armies? And if he did why the hell would he join another SMAC army instead of the army he created himself? There’s enough proof that this kid named “Jason” is just trying to pull a publicity stunt lmfao, yes he probably will change xat accounts and change his name, but if someone PC’s you to join their army because “Fever” is leading, you will know now know that its a fake. If you want to tweet to the actual Fever/Watex his twitter account is @Watex, ask him yourself if you need to(even though he never responds to me cries). Oh one more thing you guys remember that fake Dialga80?(Tacodaily) that almost took over Watex Warriors around last year summer, yeah this is not something new this always happens to us hell this isn’t the first time Fever has been faked either…lmao but whatever, you guys should already know this so called “Fever” is a fake if they PC you just contact one of the leaders on chat explaining what happened.

Today I have shocking news that the whole army community will find out about. I’ll tell you the whole story, but you have to click the title/image above first.

I was on Watex Warriors chat with Nicko when I ran into someone who came on chat named Jason.  He was telling us stories of how he hacked Chrisdog93’s (Famous Club Penguin Blogger) account and a post was made about it on CPAC which can be viewed here. Chrisdog93 emailed Jason and asked for his account back, and the ignorant fool (Jason) said no. Jason told him to pay him a huge amount of money through PayPal. As he was a Club Penguin blogger and he needed his account, he did it. Jason gave him his account back, but before when he pretended to be Chrisdog, he got his penguin to join AR and everyone thought he was the real Chrisdog but he later got found out.

He did the same thing to Fever’s account. He didn’t make it join AR and he didn’t let anyone know about it… yet. When he asked Fever to pay him through PayPal to get his account back, Fever said he didn’t care as he didn’t go on Club Penguin any more. He kept Fever’s account to himself and never let anyone find out about it until today.

He told myself and Nicko about what he did, and were were both shocked. He says he’ll use the account Fever for an army he is bringing back named RFW, and that he’ll declare war on us. Before CPAC, CPWN, SMAC and other news sites believe it, here’s the proof that it’s false.





All of Jason's penguins... including FEVER!

All of Jason’s penguins… including FEVER!



If you meet Jason on an xat chat, ignore him straight away. This is his profile above. He will either be named Jason, ᴍᴀꜰɪᴀ | Jᴀꜱᴏɴ, Micky or possibly something else. If you find Fever online and not helping WW, it is not the real Fever. And anyway, why would Fever join RFW? He wouldn’t. I will not say how Jason hacked Fever and Chrisdog’s account as others will do it to people’s accounts.

~ Lord Allen

3 Responses

  1. fucking lol

  2. lol he never hacked Chrisdog.

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