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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Letter of Resignation

Hello fellow Watex Warriors. This has been a hard, long thought process by in which I made. Yes, I am going to resign from the Watex Warriors army.

I want the best for the Watex Warriors, and I am just not cutting it. I can help you guys find someone new to get, unless you would like to. Here are some of the people that I would like to thank for the awesome time and opportunity for being a Leader in the Watex Warriors:

  • Lord Allen: Man, you are awesome. One of my favorite people on xat. Stay golden, my friend.
  • NickoCP: You were always funny and serious at times. From the start you welcomed me to the Watex Warriors, and that is why I liked you.
  • Northwezzy/Jessie: We always were fighting on the WW chat, but I understand and know why. Thanks to you, I had the opportunity to be a Leader in this amazing army. I know that you will drive the Watex Warriors to CPA Central’s Top 5, just like you wanted to.

Again to all the Watex Warriors troops, please do not leave this amazing army.

Stay Dedicated. Stay Loyal.

Signing off, Brady.

6 Responses

  1. Bye Dpd. Good luck in life

  2. Dpd, you were a great leader. You did your best and you meant well for Watex Warriors. You may not have been here long, but you did a lot in the little time you were here. Thank you for everything. Watex Warriors salute you.

    Lord Allen

  3. Aw dpd, sorry about all the arguments we’ve had I was just trying to help you 😦
    Its sad to see you leave this army and even though I did not like you as much as I could have, you did what you could for the army. I know you were under a lot of pressure because this might’ve been your first time leading a legendary army, but I had faith in you and I still do. You’re one hell of a leader, even though you don’t know how to recruit or don’t know how to communicate properly with the troops, you still knew what was right for us; you would always tell us to recruit, to do this and that..it might’ve been annoying at times but it shows the kind of dedication you have. If you ever want to come back as leader, feel free to do so. Nobody that I know at the moment in armies is dedicated to their army as much as you were to us and I thank you for that. You’re one hella rad kid, if you do permanently retire from armies I wish you the best in life! I’ll never forget the time we both raged out at smac hahaha, stay fab dpd. Don’t let whatever I or anyone else say bring you down because you have a lot of potential and I mean that, good luck with cpac and smac!

  4. Sorry to see you go Dpd, thanks for everything you’ve done.

  5. […] After about 1 month being Watex Warrior leader, Dpd retired and said to me that he’d only work in CPAC and SMAC and he’d never join another army again (for a while anyway.) However, two days after he’d retired, he joined the Romans as 3ic. He had betrayed Watex Warriors to join Romans, and the best of it was, he was recruiting off Watex Warriors chat! He had stole troops such as Vince (warriorsrevenge), Sofia011, Jo, Tad, Picachu624, Arceus1296 and many others. Lets have a look at the Romans ranks and see if they’re there (I could only fit in one mod rank and members rank, which is why Vince and some other Watex Warrior soldiers aren’t in the picture. […]

  6. […] him that in this post). A few weeks ago, Jessie and myself started the Anti Dpd Act (ADA) after Dpd retired from Watex Warriors. He was leader with myself, Jessie and Nicko, even  though he was one of the worse leaders Watex […]

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