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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Anti DPD Act!


Hello Waffles!

Before we start this post, I’d like to say that Watex Warriors have nothing against Romans, just Dpd (Brady)

So, as you’ve been hearing yes there is an Anti DPD Act [ADA] why? I will be explaining why in a minute, but first off let me say one thing to you Dpd2000, you go from Watex Warriors to Romans and you think you can just take our leadership status like that? You think you will be known for leading Watex Warriors? I will make sure Dpd that your history from Watex Warriors will all be erased, you are to be banished from WW and to be put on the Hall Of Shame, you disgust me Dpd you really do. I’ve never hated an Ex-Watex Warriors troop so damn much you’ve topped the line this time and I’ll make sure I’ll do as much as I can in my power to bring you down to how low you really are, I will tear you apart slowly and you will pay for what you have done to not only the Watex Warriors but to the rest of us leaders. You are a traitor and you disgrace Watex Warriors. Now, I’m going to explain to everyone who Dpd is and why I created the Anti Dpd Act [ADA] in the first place.

Dpd [Also know as Brady] was first heard of in June 2013, where he lead the Brownies of Club Penguin. Dpd lead the Brownies final generation, and being the final generation, you would have thought that it would have been one of the best, right? Wrong. There were only ever 3 posts done in that generation, and not one of them was an events post. So I guess you could say that Brownies maxed practically nothing, So Yes…


Even though they maxed zero(okay maybe they maxed 10 at their first ever event but still), Dpd decided that he was a Brownies legend for getting them into CPAC, even though they didn’t get in the SMAC Top 15. Well done Dpd. Clappin4u. I mean like he thinks that he will be getting legend HERE? Hes having a laugh, he should be lucky to have been given leader in the first damn place if me Nicko&Fluffy have not gotten legend status yet after being here for more than 5 years how does being here for a month, taking credit for everything then betraying us deserve legend? Do you know where you deserve to be? The Hall Of Shame, yes you will be the first person on it so be proud of yourself. Chuck, Spice..etc have not been put on any Hall Of Shame page yet and for you to be on one before thems a big achievement.



After that, Dpd never got heard of, until Jessie decided to make Dpd a Watex Warriors 3ic. At the time, Allen was also a 3ic and Watex Warriors was lead by Luc, Jessie and Nicko. Just before Luc left Watex Warriors, he made Allen a leader, and decided later on to also make Dpd a leader, which is something Watex Warriors would regret for years to come.

You see, Dpd decided that he would dictate Watex Warriors. He tried to make it seem like he owned Watex Warriors and the other leaders (Jessie, Nicko and Allen) his slaves. Dpd also ruined Watex Warriors by:

  •  Shouting ‘RECRUIT!!11!1!!111111111″ every five minutes (when he was on) but never doing any himself.
  •  Arguing and causing fights in the leadership
  • Being rude to troops/other visitors
  • Saying that he’d build the USA division but never actually doing anything
  • Taking credit for everything everyone else did in the Watex Warriors leadership (Recruiting etc)

After about 1 month being Watex Warrior leader, Dpd retired and said to me that he’d only work in CPAC and SMAC and he’d never join another army again (for a while anyway.) However, two days after he’d retired, he joined the Romans as 3ic. He had betrayed Watex Warriors to join Romans, and the best of it was, he was recruiting off Watex Warriors chat! He had stole troops such as Vince (warriorsrevenge), Sofia011, Jo, Tad, Picachu624, Arceus1296 and many others. Lets have a look at the Romans ranks and see if they’re there (I could only fit in one mod rank and members rank, which is why Vince and some other Watex Warrior soldiers aren’t in the picture.


I can count quite a few Watex Warriors there, and as Dpd has been troop stealing, he has been banned from the chat forever. If that’s not enough proof, I asked two Watex Warriors troops who joined Romans a question which was quite simple. Who recruited you to Romans? Unsurprisingly, there answer was Brady (Dpd).



I got a pic of Dpd telling Spi to pay for Romans adspace as he was to poor to do it himself, and when Allen told Dpd to do it himself, Dpd turned on him.


(This is how Dpd treated Nicko, Jessie and Allen in Watex Warriors, and he still treats them the same.)

So basically, that’s how Dpd betrayed Watex Warriors. The ADA (Anti Dpd Act) is to stop Dpd from troop stealing from other armies like he already has. It’s also to make sure that Dpd stops bullying people who stand up to him. If you want to join the ADA, comment on this post or speak to Jessie/Lord Allen. If you join, copy and paste this to put in your name:


All you have to do is put that in your name. It couldn’t be easier. This should teach Dpd a lesson that he’ll never forget. Dpd2000, you were one of the worst leaders Watex Warriors have ever seen and the current leaders will make sure you reach the Hall of Shame.


Creator of the ADA

Lord Allen

Co-founder of the ADA

People in the ADA currently:

  • Jessie
  • Lord Allen
  • The whole of the Golds army (Proof Here)
  • The whole of the Light Troops (Proof Here)
  • Flame
  • Jayden
  • Vince (Warriorsrevenge)
  • EpicOrange1
  • Pjayo
  • Motox
  • Rabbit720

21 Responses

  1. Agreed, he’s tried to chat recruit in golds

  2. I’m in niggas.

  3. Taste your own blood Brady. Also how strange that it said you made the top ten where we deserved to be higher. Taste your own blood noob ads is in action. – Vince WW usa leader

  4. i agree

  5. i agree, hes like musty- a general asshole

  6. i will support

  7. DPD? Noooo why would he do ANYTHING like that?

  8. You can me as a supporter as well

  9. 100% Support.

  10. This post is beyond hilarious.

  11. Dj, talk to Vince on WW’s chat

  12. […] met someone I knew very well. Brady (also known as Dpd, so I’ll call him that in this post). A few weeks ago, Jessie and myself started the Anti Dpd Act (ADA) after Dpd retired from Watex Warriors. He was leader with myself, Jessie and Nicko, even  though […]

  13. I, Ritj, join the ADA

  14. i sam declare I have joined ada

  15. the light troops wish to withdraw from this act as dpd is a pretty chill guy

    however we’re starting up the anti jessie act

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