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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Scavenger Hunt

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Card-Jitsu Tournament | Contest

❗ Members of the Head Bureaucracy, please scroll down for meeting information ❗


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Promotions/Demotions | Xat Contest | Card-Jitsu Tournament


Yes, promotions have been finally released. However, there will be many demotions this time. This will be based on if you commented on the Training Session or the Active Count, came on chat a lot, and came to a recent battle. If you think you don’t deserve a demotion or deserve a promotion, comment why.

  • Promotion: Green
  • Edge of Demotion: Orange
  • Demotion: Red

Army Ranks:

Leader: Scampi Bri, Wexfief, Mgmbl311

Co-Leader: *Nightwolf*, Poppymelt, Antimatter2, Greenday9991, Cewan

——————-Owner Line——————

Head Warlord (3ic): Disco70s, Uga77, Lje98, Fivestartaco, NickoCP

Warlord: Mattybon, Tone739, Bleu Missy, Flames181, Goldshadow7, Fluffyboy3

Major General: Master Kyl, Icey Cold27, Dirt55, Fireballds, Elimz, RMSTitanic94

General: Northwezzy, Popcorn31336, Etac14, Kingfunks4, Saiyaman Xc, MestirSeñorz, Master Rebel, Darkrider90

——————-Mod Line——————-

Field Marshal: Radwan006, Dippspips, Canada83, The Beaver2, Harry Has, Hamie111, Mrchatterbox, Doodygirl1, Solraida, Bottlefanta

Brigadier: Teadan, Hordash11, Wyoskyguy, Buckleybeans, Thano9, Goliath619, 123John3, Tap Dancer36

Commander: Grillchz200, Radar77, Penor343, Jim430, Welly290, Yoshi12137, Emaccoux, Thermo199, Tilgen, Ajman9011, Firemanhg, Plutarch, Danthemanr1, Andre9765, Josephp3, 24keyser, Asdfghjkl888, Jooeric, Dcpt1

Colonel: Jed Pen, Super Bo Bo4, Greenoiscool, Konzu, Rocky25721, Jasonx1998, Splinterman3, Nicjackson, Kooldude 247, Big Guy28, Mumble85151, Ronaldy3, Darkslash, 1a3t, Limadude, Kimoochin

Major: Drake1313, Exoman, Penny550, Khrome, Evan65702, Pickle Pie34, Ktonboy98, Lucario9046, Limadude, Calvinator2, Cavinator2, Megris, Trumpyjosh

Captain: Mumble13322, llyodbanks56, Fluffyboy3dj, Fluffyboy208, Bulldogs5005, Bakugan138, Tommypp, Erdl1, Gjmik

Lieutenant: Ddoragabi, Cutie70048, Yxqgstdsgfrd, Roger628, Pingubird, Qwaszx51717, Ini 2007, Fluffy11919, Olympiaflash, Aman, Buble 007, Saka98, Pengton19, Drake155


——————-Member Line——————-

Other Ranks:

WW Noob:

WW Janitor:


Advising Leader: Ark428, Lucario564


Waffle Lord: Vicxyz


= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat


Secondly, I will be making an xat contest. However, I have not been able to finish it… I will try to finish it ASAP. I am very sorry.

Lastly, I will be making a mini Card-Jitsu Tournament. Anyone can enter! However, if you are not in WW and win, you get 50 Xats, while if you are an  active soldier in WW and win, you get 100 Xats. To enter, comment here that you want to join. The battles will be unscheduled so once I get the info up, you can battle against your oppenent whenever you see them and comment the result!

December Plans

Hello Watex Warriors!

December is a very busy month. However, it’s not work-busy, it’s fun-busy! I would like to review what is coming up.

  • Practice Battle with Nachos
  • Winter Smackdown Tournament
  • Giveaways
  • Waffle Awards
  • Guess the Room Results

Please bear with me as you read this lengthy post.

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Early Holidays Contest

I’m bored and the holidays are coming up so why not make another contest!

The prize is the same as always :

  • One chat rank up on chat for a week!

This contest will be a Guess the Room contest! I will give you ten pictures and you tell me what room it is!

This will end December 5th! Anyone can enter but only people in WW may get the prize. If there is a tie, I will draw the winner from a hat.

Before I start, I would like to tell you that the box below where you comment is not a commenting box. It is a box that sends your comment to my email only, so do not send “1st!” and trash like that.

Are you ready? Prepare to suffer. No one has ever gotten a 100% verses me!


This is too easy…


Hint: This is Green’s property in Tundra.


Is it too easy still?


Getting harder?


These weren’t edited. But the next five will be! 😈




This is a what?


Oh no…


At first, it looked too easy. I changed it more but it still looks easy…


Is this impossible?

None of these are impossible to find, there is a clue within each!

For your form, use this format:

  • Name
  • Rank [Skip if not in WW]
  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.

Good luck!



 Scroll down for new posts. To vote for Mgm or Wolf for leader, comment your vote here.

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Invasion of Toboggan | Recruitment Giveaway

  • Invasion of Toboggan
  • Recruitment Giveaway


  • Invasion of Toboggan

Well first of all, we got only six people at the training. 😐 So get active.

Anyways, we will be invading Toboggan from Shadow Troops. ST thinks that they’re so huge and thinks that we’re a dead army 🙄 They’ve been talking trash about us for days, and they’ve been cussing at us for so long. Therefore, let’s show them that they are wrong and just a bunch of idiots.

Invasion of Toboggan

When: Saturday, Sept. 25th

Where: Toboggan, Town

Time: 12:30 PM PST [3:30 PM EST, 8:30 PM UK]

 No Allies, No Bots, No Sneaking


I expect at least ten people to come.



  • Recruitment Giveaway

Well, we need recruits/merges. So here’s the deal.

  • Every 5 active recruits – 1 Promo
  • Head Warlord and above cannot get promos
  • Every army with 5+ people per battle merges into us by you telling an army or you since it’s your army – 1 Promo [Merge must work]
  • Every army with 10+ people per battle merges into us by you telling an army or you since it’s your army – 2 Promos [Merge must work]

On the join page, a question says “Who recruited you to WW?” That person will have to say your name or tell one of the leaders.

And yes, we are looking for armies to merge into us. If you average 5 people per battle [w/o recruiting on CP], we will give the leaders decent mod ranks. If you average 10+ people per battle [w/o recruiting on CP], we will give 1-2 leaders 2ics. If you average 15-20+ per battle [w/o recruiting on CP], we will give 1-2 leaders… leaders! Confusing, huh?

Lastly, …

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