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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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February 2013 Promotions!

It’s that time of the month!

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July 2011 Promotions!

Well WW, you deserved it. But not only are there promotions but…


  • WHEN: FRIDAY, JUNE 24TH 2011


  • TIMES: 12:45 PM (PST), 1:45 PM (MST), 2:45 PM (CST), 3:45 PM (EST), 8:45 PM (UK)



June Promotions

If you think you deserve a promotion, comment the following:

  • Name

  • Rank

  • Events you attended

  • Why you deserve a promotion

  • Green: Promotion

  • Red: Demotion

Army Ranks:

Leader: Wexfief (131737402), Greenday9991 (64510835), Gambler21777 (65783545)

Co-Leader: Disco70s (197236172), Antimatter2 (131353698)

Ambassador (3ic): Goldshadow7 (232049290), Fluffyboy3 (84111855), Master Rebel (275967189), Goliath619 (267435383)

– ^ – Owners – ^ –

Head Warlord: NickoCP, Fivestartaco, Khimo, Crash

Warlord: Mattybon, Uga77, Lje98, Hurricanex1

Major General: MestirSenorz, Danny9632

General: Keith09

Field Marshal: Northwezzy, 1a3t, Teadan

– ^ – Moderators – ^ –

Brigadier: Shad

Commander: Teh Kitteh, Moka Fuzz

Colonel: Change, Bluedude392, Josh1093, Kooldude 247, Bartsimp52, James30072, Chrisi Blule, Vacumpencil, Aznkid124, Dustin Fever

Major: Rainbow54334, Jasiux, Goofysoccer, Red Dude877, Skyfish, Coolie887, Chillie17

Captain: Minhazul8, Jasonx1998, Kerouaz

Lieutenant: Koby2013, Jeremy6, Ltmike21, Dojoroccer


– ^ – Members – ^ –


Other Ranks:

Advisor: Mgmbl311, Swemaj11, Ark428

Site Editor: Scampi Bri

Waffle Lord: Cewan, Vicxyz


= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat


News and Events!

Comment on the Join page to join/rejoin!

Tag Team Battle

When: Sunday (Tomorrow!), May 1st

Where: Tundra, Box Dimension or an Igloo

Time: 5 PM PST (6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST) Sorry UK!

How this works: Everyone can choose a side to fight in. One side will be red while another side will be blue!

Invasion of Cabin

When: Saturday, May 7th

Where: Cabin, Town

Time: 12 PM PST (1 PM MST, 2 PM CST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM UK)



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April Promotions

We have decided to make promotion day a little earlier 😀 So here are the promotions!

  • If you are not on the ranks, comment here.
  • If you came to the Battle against the Nachos and didn’t get promoted, comment here.
  • If you didn’t get promoted but you think you should, comment why.
  • If you are demoted, comment and state why you don’t deserve your demotion.
  • Green – Promotion
  • Red – Demotion
  • Orange – Close to Demotion
Remember: If you came to the Battle against the Nachos and you were not promoted, don’t freak out. Just comment that you were there. It’s really hard to find names here and I forgot some names. I apologize in advance.

Army Ranks:

Head Waffle (Leader): Wexfief, Cewan, Greenday9991

2ic Waffle (Co-Leader): Antimatter2, Disco70s, iWolf

3ic Waffle (Ambassador): 57to, Goldshadow7

– ^ – Owners – ^ –

Head Warlord: Uga77, Fivestartaco, Fluffyboy3, Khimo, Elimz, NickoCP, Master Rebel

Warlord: Lje98, Fireballds, MestirSeñorz,  Mattybon, Kingfunks4

Major General: Darkrider90, Cookie Cat, Master Kyl, Goliath619

General: Popcorn31336, Etac14, Buritodaily, Bottlefanta, Bleu Missy, Pwener1, Chrisfarley2, Tone739, Wwebestfan, Steelman19

  – ^ – Moderators – ^ –

Field Marshal: Radwan006, Dippspips, Canada83, The Beaver2, Harry Has, Hamie111, Mrchatterbox, Jackjack2006, RJm Rox, Hpea, King Kinz10, Wonga34, Zach610, Pringleprint , Northwezzy, Dozy12, Ajman9011, Sneezy35, Teadan, Keith09

Brigadier: Wyoskyguy, 123John3, Qtgurl6, Mcfred1, Alyassa1, Greenblah904, Grillchz200, BioncleX, 1a3t, Megris

Commander: Josh1093, Hordash11, Buckleybeans, Change, Minhazul8, Superboy137, Omiman1, Joezapy, Lord Anth, Joezapy, Skater12312, Caelancox, Kiara00, Thano9, Cpt Awesome3, Bluedude392, Turwig 1 1

Colonel: Konzu, Radar77, Penor343, Jim430, Welly290, Yoshi12137, Emaccoux, Thermo199, Tilgen, Firemanhg, Plutarch, Danthemanr1, Andre9765, Josephp3, 24keyser, Asdfghjkl888, Jooeric, Dcpt1, Superpaco24, Mix 1011, Mcfred1, Fire36789, Superpegu10, Nathancool1, Smartuin, Cool Dude429, Fenix01234, Candy13555, Coolster114, Cherrybrite, Spo99, King O Dark, Schnaster8, Higoby, Braydendk, Branblue2000, Mumble13322, Kotsad111, Charan27

Major: Jed Pen, Super Bo Bo4, Greenoiscool, Rocky25721, Jasonx1998, Splinterman3, Nicjackson, Kooldude 247, Big Guy28, Mumble85151, Ronaldy3, Darkslash, Limadude, Kimoochin, Firegem18, Datruth, J Kid2, Ninja40901, Aaddog, Pottypop, Fever Army, Gjmik, 11jb22 Cp, Moses106, Firegem18, Cody9990, Ninjaboy1322, Milan226, Aznkid124

Captain: Limadude, Calvinator2, Cavinator2, Bengey, Josh34676, Drake1313, Exoman, Penny550, Khrome, Evan65702, Pickle Pie34, Ktonboy98, Lucario9046, Trumpyjosh, Croc122, Jhoony102, Morgana2, Aedan09, Simon6789

Lieutenant: Ddoragabi, Cutie70048, Yxqgstdsgfrd, Roger628, Pingubird, Qwaszx51717, Ini 2007, Fluffy11919, Olympiaflash, Aman, Buble 007, Saka98, Pengton19, Drake155, Ricomambo1, Kcaj6, Sapphire2010, Dr. 5hadow, El Rey, Rain Bow 777, 1richgirl042, llyodbanks56, Fluffyboy3dj, Fluffyboy208, Bulldogs5005, Bakugan138, Tommypp, Erdl1, Zipyman, Duyvju, Koby2013, James30072, Bearsandcubs, Lukecharles1, Maxbrett1234, Saberwolf123, Bossboy1, Hayden70389

– ^ – Members – ^ –


Other Ranks:

Waffle Advisor(s): Mgmbl311, Swemaj11

Waffle Lordess: Scampi Bri

Waffle Lord: Vicxyz


= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat


Happy New Year || Promotions || Waffle Award Results

First of all, WW would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! This year has been pretty hectic with a boatload of fun! Let’s hope that 2011 goes our way!

Luc edit – Read the bottom for the extra award

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