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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Watex Warriors 2007-2014

Thank you for the memories you will be missed but not forgotten. 

-This Was War

-Lucario564 Watex Warriors Leader

As the Waffles Rise From the Ashes…

It’s been a while everyone, I thought I’d never make another post in my life but several things have happened which have gotten me to this point. 

First, for those of you who don’t know me I am the longest running WW leader in our history, I became leader in late 2008 and went on to simultaneously be ACP Co-Leader and WW leader in 2010, went on hiatus for 2011, came back in 2012-2013 and here I am today.

The reason why I’m here today is because I’ve heard countless rumors of people bringing WW back from people that I’ve kept in touch with after I left the community. In all honesty I never intended to retire in 2013, I always had planned to lead WW after that hiatus, but soon that hiatus turned into a permanent leave of absence because of unexpected circumstances. After hearing all these rumors of WW coming back and all these issues going on with the community I’ve decided to come back to give WW the proper send of it deserves. 

With that being said I’ve been paying close attention to the community these past few months and I’m disappointed in how things have turned out. That is why there will be a few conditions or “rules” that come with my return and the return of this army which are as follows. 

  1. Absolutely no multi logging will be allowed 
  2. Using bots to recruit will be forbidden
  3. Cursing on chat will result in an automatic ban, I don’t care who you are (There will be no “after hours”)
  4. I will be the sole decision maker of the army regardless of rank.

Let me briefly touch upon each one of these. Multi logging IS cheating, under no circumstances should any army do it, it takes away the fun and the point of having battles. Using bots to recruit IS cheating, I know they are widley accepted now because CP is going down in popularity but still I’d like to stick to the old method of recruiting. Next, chats are suppose to be a safe space for everyone, if we have people using abusive language, starting drama, then people don’t have fun and that’s what armies are suppose to be about, that’s why there will be a zero tolerance rule for cursing or breaking chat rules just as ACP did when they were at their peak. Finally, I will be the sole decision maker on all major decisions in this army because it makes things a lot easier, prevents fighting, and keeps us on focus. My goal here is to ensure everyone who joins WW leaves a better and happier person just as I have and of course to have fun. 

Finally, let me just say that I’m excited to bring WW back and I hope that everyone else is as well. So please join me on opening day for the celebration and the return of the legendary Watex Warriors! (More info to come soon)

June 5th 2016

-And that is how the Waffles rose from the ashes

-Lucario564 Watex Warriors Leader

Watex Warriors H.O.F. Class of 2016

As 2015 comes to a close there are many things I could say at the moment but right now I’d like to recognize the following people for their outstanding service and dedication to the Watex Warriors throughout the years.

As the longest serving WW leader I proudly give to you the Watex Warriors January Class of 2016 Hall of Fame inductees!


Pinkey was the 11th and 18th leader of the Watex Warriors. She was also the second female leader after Spaceybirdy. Pinkey was an amazing person who always kept chat lively, she crossed boundaries and was good friends with many people throughout the army community. She led many battles including the valiant defense of Tundra in 2009. She was always there for people in their time of need on and off the battlefield. Pinkey will forever be remembered as one of the greatest people to have joined WW and one of the greatest friends a person could have.


Nicko was the 46th leader of the Watex Warriors. Before his tenure as leader he was one of the most loyal troops any leader could ask for. He would always comment on posts, be on chat, and be ready for whatever came next. Even during WW’s temporary hiatus in 2012 Nicko stood by WW constantly PCing leader as to when WW would return. Once he became leader he carried over those attributes and helped keep WW afloat in 2013. It was a privilege for anyone to have served alongside Nicko.


Tap Dancer was one of the great minds of WW and he was our 38th Leader. Tap played a key role in 2010 in the war against the Ice Warriors and in the formation of the Orange Alliance. If there’s one thing that can be said about him is that he also used proper judgement before executing a decision. WW was among one of the armies he served in as he also played a pivotal role in the Golden Troops. Overall Tap was someone who you wanted to be on your side and enemies would not want to face him on the battlefield.


Silly was quite the character but definitely someone you wanted to meet. Silly was always enthusiastic, energetic, and creative. One of the best people that WW has had the privilege of having. Some of the accomplishments by Silly were the creation of the WW Mall and the making of all of WW’s early graphics. Which by the way were amazing for the time.


Jessie was the 52nd leader of the Watex Warriors and one of the most dedicated leaders WW has had. Jessie has saved WW from the dead on at least 3 occasions leading alongside the likes of Dpd, Lord Allen, Nicko, and Luc. Jessie led the Watex Warriors during the historic battle against ACP as well as led WW to their first ever tournament championship win at the 2013 Premier Cup. Jessie always kept the chat lively and was a great friend to everyone throughout the community (Unless you’re Dpd of course). Overall credit has to be given to Jessie for the survival of WW into the year of 2013 as she was a great leader and recruited a lot of the most recent WW members.


And finally…..


Fluffboy has been one of the greatest leaders, troops, and person the Watex Warriors has ever had, he was the 34th, 40th, and 55th leader of WW. I would happily make the comparison of Fluff to the likes of Santa and Alpha1 because he has stood with WW through the toughest of time and continues to do so until this very day. He has unquestionable loyalty as well as great drive and desire. During multiple WW hiatus’ Fluff would constantly message other leaders and always wanted to bring WW back right away. He was a privilege to to lead alongside with and a privilege to have met in the army community.


Congrats to all of the new inductees! More inductees to come February!

On a final note, I’d like to say that I know everyone agreed to not bring back WW but it’s really been bugging me how went left the community on a bad note. One of the original six shouldn’t have ended like that. Considering how this is the last year armies will be around in the same way that they have been due to Club Penguin going 3D I have come to a decision.

For the last time…… The Watex Warriors will return in 2016.


Play the Game Right

It’s Happening! 

More Waffles to come…. 1/1/16