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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Top Ten Pictures! (2/2/2014 – 8/2/2014)

Here are this some pictures that could be used in the top ten (From the 2nd of Feb to the 8th of Feb)


Screenshot at Feb 07 22-17-56


Screenshot at Feb 07 22-32-00



Another win for Watex Warriors!

This is the first time an army has surrendered to the Watex Warriors for a long time.

And this picture proves it… (Read more to see it)

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How do you defeat lightning? Get a Watex Warrior of course!

Howdy Warriors!

Today, Water Warriors logged on Mammoth to beat an army called Dark Lightning in the CPWN tournament. Did we win? Well of course we did! WW had 2 full chats and we have about 17+! Dark Lightning maxed sizes of 5, so we did very well! If we maxed this in nearly every event, we should get around 9th in CPAC! Read more for pictures! (Sorry for the lack of the pics)

WW win!


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Taking Home the Premier Cup

We have finally brought home our first trophy! I haven’t seen the Watex Warriors with this kind of size since I was leader two years ago. Great job everyone! We maxed 22 and had almost two full chats! I am really proud of every single one of you! Promotions come out soon, so make sure you attend the practice battle on Monday as well!

And I expect WW to have a decent rank on the Top Ten.

Pictures from NickoCP , Fluffy and Jessie:




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N378U0d a3zv h8bzEUz xi8XIEo b86IXgj 9uGXMP3 rEpHCg9


Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 20.25.30Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 20.25.38


Reclaimed Snowbound!

I am very shocked to see how well we did, even though the times weren’t the best! Many people were late but we still had like 12-14 most of the time and maxed 15! Great job everyone! We are now the only army to own Snowbound! Here are some pictures! (Note: Snowbound is a one bar server and it is very empty. There were basically no rogues online at all.)

Bsy5iGa 8kl9 q7m75ocl


Remember tomorrow’s tournament final event against the Pirates! It’s a really important event, and we’ll have a chat party with a Card Jitsu code giveaway if we win!

We are back!

Although we need to work on our tactics, the Watex Warriors are back! Even though we expected a lot of people to be missing, we still did really well! Today we battled against the Soda Pop Army and we had a full chat the entire time and maxed 18! It was even at first, but Soda Pop Army gradually lost their size as time progressed so I think it’s safe to say that we won! Thank you Soda Pop Army for a fun battle and good luck because you guys could become major soon! And thanks to all the WW soldiers for making my first battle back from retirement a great one!

Now here are some pics (thanks Nicko, Jessie, and Peachy) (click to enlarge):

dpv9 x3v h3hl ml9 ddwh f1yx 2ych 7lcb 0JiJMMn ly27 A8C2ikc y3ra dZoYiqK lzbv 2EeVaId loy5SDw hACZRWc S26eXxoiTfFOl0

Extra links to the photos:























Top Ten, here we come (again)!


WW, you guys are just doing great! I don’t even know what to do but to be ready to give out promotions!

Well today, we had a full chat 10 minutes before the battle. We were going to log on 5 minutes before the battle but only a couple WW soldiers could get on due to the fact that the new map came out, causing issues logging in. During the time that WW was trying to log on, the Flyers surrendered. Great job WW, even though Disney tried to troll us and the battle didn’t even happen!