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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Hall of Fame

Welcome young Watex Warriors! Here is where you can see all the people who used to be in the WW, but are still way more awesome than you! Well, all joking aside, here are some really great people who deserve to be on this page. So special, in fact, that they get a shiny badge, moderator on chat, their name on this list, and instant fame….well, maybe not.

Greatest Leaders:

Dialga80 The original founder of the Watex Warriors; he was a tremendous leader and a great friend. Dia co-led the army with Gambler21777, and paved the way for the WW for years to come.

Spaceybirdy Spaceybirdy was the first girl leader and one of the first soldiers in the Watex Warriors, and led alongside with Wii Mountain. She put the “om” in random! She was totally awesome, but watch out for her high heel.

Wii Mountain One of the original Head Warlords of WW’s early times, and turned out to be a leader shortly after. Wii provided great care for his soldiers, and always made sure the chat had a blast! With his pole dancing, and bananas, and… stuff…

Lucario564 One of the most dominant leaders of WW, Luc helped create how WW is today with his humor, loyalty, and leading fist. Luc has brought back WW three times from the dead, and all three times WW has managed to get at least in the top four.

Scampi Bri A sexy chick who led alongside Luc, brought back the Watex Warriors twice (and managed to get it at least to the top four), got a CSS and a .com for WW, and was great with graphics. Bri was one of the best leaders the Watex Warriors have ever had, and she was also an awesome friend.

WexfiefA great leader who kept the Watex Warriors in great shape after Bri retired, Wexfief was really easy to get along with and everyone liked him, although he did become a bit feisty when it came down to battles.

Hurricanex1 A talented leader who was able to keep the Watex Warriors alive and led the army to a few Top Ten appearances, Hurr knew what he was doing all the time and always did his best to lead the army to victory.

Greatest Soldiers:

Ark428 WW veteran and one of the first soldiers, a past co-leader, but then got fired, beat Vicxyz in elections for co-leader, and retired after two years, the date I dunno when.

Alpha1 Alpha was known for his bravery and courage. He fought many times for us, and helped us win many battles. Also was the fifth person for Spacey to date on xat. I think they even married…

Santa0704 Well, what can you say? He was born in a log cabin in the woods, wanted a pony, never got the pony. In the war he had to eat horse meat, but had a problem with that, when he… yeah, you get it. We’ll just leave it that he’s awesome.

Tone739 Some random dude, who was awesome and encouraging all the time.

Raven511426 A dedicated soldier that has been there since the beginning, Raven created the WW history page and even became leader once. She likes to check up on the army at times, so you can sometimes catch her on chat. “We cherished, you perished, the world’s been Nightmarish…”

Greenday9911 A cool dude that still is on chat sometimes today.

Disco70s Disco’s dedication to the Watex Warriors was unmatched, and in her earlier days, she willingly quit an enemy army for her lower rank in WW. She did her best to keep WW alive during her leadership and was liked by many.

Snowy 559 A leader of the Black Bandits and a warlord for WW, Snowy was the first soldier added to the Hall of Fame by Dialga. As Dialga put it, “He was a good friend, a great leader, and a fun guy to be around.”


  1. Watex/Fever
  2. Dialga80
  3. Gambler21777
  4. Wii Mountain
  5. Yo4848
  6. Spaceybirdy
  7. Lucario564
  8. Greenday9991
  9. Tone739
  10. Zapdos255
  11. Pinkeypiebea
  12. Boomer 20
  13. 381nascar
  14. Texasgirl27/Scampi Bri
  15. Chuckisthe2
  16. Lje98
  17. Vicxyz
  18. Pinkiceygirl
  19. Wexfief
  20. Mgmbl311
  21. Cewan/Starkk
  22. Greenday9991 (2)
  23. Gambler21777 (2)
  24. Disco70s
  25. iWolf
  26. Antimatter
  27. Hurricanex1
  28. Lucario564 (2)
  29. Master Rebel
  30. Raven511426
  31. Disco70s (2)
  32. Hurricanex1(2)
  33. Disco70s (3)
  34. Fluffyboy3
  35. Andy the Lego
  36. Lucario564 (3)
  37. Elimz
  38. TapDancer36
  39. Lucario564 (4)
  40. Fluffyboy3 (2)
  41. Danthemanr1
  42. Hurricanex1 (3)
  43. Snaily5
  44. Wexfief (2)
  45. Lucario564 (5)
  46. NickoCP 
  47. Lord Allen 
  48. Dpd2000
  49. Ark428
  50. Dpd2000 (2)
  51. Lucario564 (6) – Current Leader
  52. Jessie (2) – Current Leader
  53. Hurricanex1 (4)
  54. Jack Frenzy/Nicjackson – Current Leader
  55. Flufflyboy3 (3) – Current Leader

7 Responses

  1. Dude. Don’t Declare War On Dark Lightning. One Of Your Troops Said We Suck. And I Said Screw You Watex Warriors. So I’m Mad! Don’t Declare War LIke Jeez. We’re Sorry Then

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