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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Watex Warriors: An Interactive History

History by Raven511426

Note: This isn’t just a history, this is an interactive history of the Watex Warriors. That means that if you see a blue word, click on it! It will take you to a (most likely humorous) post that is relevant to what you are reading. Most of the pictures are also clickable, and I definitely recommend checking out the place where I got them from (For example, the first picture’s link just might take 15 minutes out of your life!). So what are you waiting for? Click away!

In 2004-2005, Watex (also known as Fever), a very famous penguin back in the day, started one of the biggest cheat sites in the history of Club Penguin (which can be found here).  The site was so big, it got over 20,000,000 visitors (that’s twenty million for those of you who have a hard time with numbers) in the span of three to four years. To get an idea of how big a number that really is, WW has only gotten a little bit over 500,000 (five hundred thousand) views (at the time of writing this), and we’ve pretty much been around almost as long as Watex has!

Watex had an odd sense of humor.

Watex had an odd sense of humor.

“I [created] a [large] army for one big World War once. We dominated all other armies. They labeled us as [the] Watex Warriors.”


On November 12th, 2007, Watex announced that he would be holding a party for everyone to come to for helping him get 1,000,000 (one million) views. When November 22nd rolled around, it was stated that not only would it be a party, but it would be a war, and some of the biggest armies would be there, namely the Army of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Nachos, and the Underground Mafias Army (and several others). That post also marked the first time that our name, the Watex Warriors, was ever said (even though Watex said that the name was “temporary”).

“For this battle, we will be called the WW…because we have already been labeled with that [name]. It means Watex’s Warriors.”


November 23rd was the first day of the war, and the first day that Watex chose our very first uniform (Orange paint, green sunglasses, two-year anniversary hat or red bandana, pumpkin basket, and Halloween scarf or western bandana.) Below you can see a picture of said uniform:

The first ever uniform for the Watex Warriors.

The first ever uniform for the Watex Warriors.

By the end of the first day, a temporary treaty was called between all of the armies with the promise that the battle would continue the following morning. On November 25th, one day after the war, Watex claimed that the Watex Warriors had successfully defended Tundra, which marks the first time WW ever won a war, and defended a server. Below is a video that sums up the war quite well (in my opinion). Also, you may go to this link to view many pictures of the first war.

Eventually, in the August of 2008, Watex’s site was shut down due to putting up ads that were against the WordPress rules. Also, because he was giving away free memberships to his viewers, his penguin Watex was banned, and thus Fever was born. He did create a new site though, which you can still find here, and sometimes he even advertises for our army!

“I created an army a couple years ago…Amazingly, a few members in the army has kept it going and has turned it into a huge army.”

~ Watex

On January 27th, 2008, the Watex Warriors first ever website was created by Dialga80 “the great” (as some people called him), which we used for many years until recently. Dialga stated that “while Fever’s site will remain the main WW website,” the website that he created “will keep the troops posted about ongoing wars, ranks, and other things.”  Shortly after the site was made, Gambler21777 (who created our first logo) was declared the second in command, and some small skirmishes arose between us, the Black Bandits (BB), and the Blue Santa’s.

The first logo.

The Black Bandits (BB), led by Snowy 559, has been one of our greatest enemies. In the beginning, we fought them every day, along with the Marine Corps (MC). Of course, those fights made us stronger, and we gained land fast. Tundra, our main server, has been our capital for years (until recently), and Ice Box has been a part of our land (also until recently) ever since we captured it from the Marine Corps.

WW, where foes become friends.


On February 7th and 12th, 2008, we get our first mentions of the great leading duo Wii Mountain and Spaceybirdy, and Wii Mountain officially became an author on the site on February 14th. Later in the month, Gambler said that he might quit (which he will do a lot), stated that he will be expanding WW to other games (which never really happened), and started a Club Penguin news site (which only had one post).  After weeks of fighting the Marine Corps and their leader Redslurpy1, the war was officially over on February 28th, and, as Dialga so nicely puts it, “From now on Tundra is finally at peace!”

Hey, I think I can see Wii Mountain!

And look! Spaceybirdy is there too!

March was pretty uneventful in the long run, but it does mark the 10,000 (ten thousand) and 20,000 (twenty thousand) hit mark for the site. Gambler also started two more new sites (They were never used, of course.), a WW mall and a Club Penguin cheat site (I highly recommend perusing the comments on both sites to see some familiar faces.). We also get the creation of the S.O.W.W., which stands for the Spartans of WW, which, led by Blak Mafias and Mumble05,  was considered a “special operation” group that was given elite missions, and only the “best of the best” could get in.

Gambler wasn’t the best speller…

Do you want to be all you can be? Are you willing to give your life for your server? Well now is your time to shine…so try out for the SOWW and be all you can be.


Now, April of 2008 was a month of retirements (or “quitting” as they called it back then) and…un-retirements! First, Gambler announced that he was quitting the Watex Warriors and made a small post about his past experiences and his closest friends (Dialga and Spaceybirdy). On a brighter note, sometime between March and April (no real post was ever made about this) Wii Mountain was made leader of the Watex Warriors, and Yo4848 was appointed leader on April 12th as well.

Gambler leaving is like a permanent scar. You’re always going to remember it and I know for a fact that the WW for generations and generations will remember Gambler.

~Wii Mountain

Not only did Gambler quit, but Dialga did too. On the same day Yo was appointed leader, which was April 12th, Dialga made his farewell post to the Watex Warriors. In it he states, “I am quitting because I feel it’s the best personal choice for me,” and that leadership will be turned over to Wii Mountain and Yo. Of course, Gambler and Dialga couldn’t stay away for long, and after only two days of being retired, Dialga came back. Gambler came back the day after Dialga, and things went back to the way things were before. To wrap up this hectic month, a series of very…gorgeousflags were made to sponsor the Watex Warriors.

Grab a can of Wii Mountain Dew today!

When the BB fell to RPF and WW troops, I took over as leader of the WW with Gambler. Together, we have made the WW a strong army, and we have never been beaten on Club Penguin ever since me and Gambler took over.



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  5. i read the WHOLE website!!!

  6. Good. A bit detailed, no? I am at odds with Santa’s quote though.


  8. I’m surprised this was made into a page! I made this ages ago!

  9. Was the first WW chat box the same as today’s chat box?

  10. WW SUCKS!!!!!!! http://theclubpenguinshadows.wordpress.com/

  11. WTF and who the !@#$ are the club penguin shadows

  12. Why do we worship waffles? :O

  13. These ppl from ACP were from when ACP was much smaller than UMA. Am I right?

  14. Great history.

  15. I’d just like to say that I joined on September 28, 2008, just a few months after Dialga left. And let me tell you, WW was epic back then. Hopefully, the current WW will reach the amount of epicness that the old WW had.

  16. Wow. That would be amazing to see Dialga come back to WW, even though it wouldn’t happen. And the WW Olympics seem awesome, but they would most likely fail if we did them in this time. Thank god for Spacey for bringing WW back, the best army ever! 😀 Why would WW ever try to merge? D:

  17. I really wish Dialga came back to WW but anyway i read the whole thing!!!!

  18. cool raven

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